Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blog Caroling, A Holiday Tradition

It's that wonderful, harmonic, melodic, time of year again! Christmas is here and once again our dear footnoteMaven has asked us to join in her blog caroling event. This is the fourth year we've been gathering around our keyboards and creating heavenly music for our blogs. The first year I shared my favorite Polish carol Dzisiaj w Betlejem, two years ago I shared Silver Bells and Blue Christmas, last year I shared A Charlie Brown Christmas. This year my choice is once again a carol from my beloved Poland, Bóg się rodzi (God is Born).

There is much history associated with this very popular Polish Christmas carol that is considered by some to be the National Christmas Hymn of Poland. You can read about the history of the song here.

The lyrics in English go something like this... (with the help of Google Translate)

God is born on earth, powers tremble;
Lord, bereft of heav'nly splendor,
Lustrous flames fade, fires dissemble,
Infinite unending wonder!
Scorned yet clothed in radiant glory,
Mortal though he is Lord Jesus,

Refrain: Thus the Word became the flesh,
Dwelling without end among us!

Why leave heaven for this bleak earth,
Heaven bright in all its glory,
To dwell humbly from day of birth,
To fulfill the prophet's story.
Lo, He suffered through our folly,
Mortal, though He is Lord Jesus,

Born in the squalid shack,
Manger was given to him as the cradle!
What is it, what it was surrounded,
Cattle, shepherds and hay.
Poor, you are met,
To greet him before the rich!
Refrain :

Raise your hand, O God
Bless our homeland.
In the good counsel and good living,
Support her with your power.
Our house and all possessions
And all the villages and towns.
Refrain :

Christmastime is here! Rejoice and be glad!


  1. The lyrics to this carol are just beautiful - very touching. Thanks for sharing it. Do you know if anyone sings it on youtube?

  2. it has sort of a military feel to it.

  3. Love this one. I love orchestras anyway!

  4. Beautiful. I had not heard this one before.

  5. Jasia,

    For such a lovely carol, I'd never heard it. The youtube video demonstrates why this song was once considered the Polish anthem.

    Leaving you a little Christmas Box...

    "Come bring with a noise,
    My merry, merry boys,
    The Christmas log to the firing;
    While my good dame, she
    Bids ye all be free
    And drink to your hearts' desiring."
    --Robert Herrick (1591-1674)