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Carnival of Genealogy, 101st Edition

Welcome to the January 4, 2011 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition is: Our genealogy research/writing plans for 2011! We're putting the plans on virtual paper here for all to read. You'll find all sorts of plans from very detailed to very vague (that would be mine ;-) and everything in between. This is our chance to tell what we plan to do to further our research and writing in 2011. There's lots of ambition here! Maybe you've thought through your own plans or maybe you'll be inspired to do so after reading what our participants are planning. Pour yourself a fine cup of tea and get out your note pad. The Carnival's back in town!

J.M. presents My genealogy research/writing plan for 2011 posted at Tracing My Roots.

Bill West presents 2011 GENEALOGY PLANS posted at West in New England.

Janice Brown presents Cow Hampshire: Random Acts of Writing posted at Cow Hampshire. She's BAAACK! Yeah!!!

Terri presents COG: 101st Edition ~ 2011 Genealogy Goals posted at Genealogy Junkie.

Jennifer Geraghty-Gorman presents My Top 10 + 1 Genie to do list, 2011: Determination, Organization, Continuation posted at 'On a flesh and bone foundation': An Irish History, saying, "Instead of a 'honey do" list, this is my 'genie do' list of those genealogy related tasks I'd like to accomplish in 2011. Thanks to Jasia I've created this list to give me a fresh start in 2011. New Year, endless possibilities. Perhaps it will mean checking all tasks off my list by the year's end. Oh well, at least a girl can dream."

Jasia presents A Plan, A Plan, My Kingdom For A Plan! posted at Creative Gene. I struggled to come up with a genealogy research/writing plan for 2011 because my attention is focused in other directions these days. Stop by and see what has me sidelining my genealogy and... BONUS! You'll find lots of terrific tips for organizing, downsizing, and de-cluttering in the comments section!

Tonia Kendrick presents 2011 Genealogy Goals; Tonia's Roots posted at Tonia's Roots, saying, "For 2011, I’m focusing on a few big-picture categories that encompass the direction I want to go with my genealogy."

Katie presents 2011 Family History Goals posted at You Are Where You Came From.

Linda McCauley presents Genealogy Goals for 2011 - Research and Writing posted at Documenting the Details, saying, "Research is the basis for everything else when it comes to genealogy so setting a few solid research goals should be a no-brainer. I have to admit that I've never really done this before - at least not in writing."

Geniaus presents Hatching a plan for 2011 posted at Geniaus, saying, "A genealogy report card for 2010 and promises fro 2011"

Lisa Wallen Logsdon presents Genealogy Goals - New Year 2011 posted at Old Stones Undeciphered.

Denise Levenick presents Blogging Buddies and Genealogy Resolutions, report from the West Coast Partner posted at The Family Curator, saying, "Three goals seem do-able, especially when you team up with a buddy!. Amy Coffin and I are working together to encourage the success of our research, organizing, and writing goals for 2011."

Janice Tracy presents My Research/Writing Plan for 2011 posted at Mississippi Memories.

Joan Hill presents Carnival of Genealogy's 101st: My Genealogy Research and Writing Plan for 2011 posted at Roots N' Leaves.

Jen Smart presents Genealogical Goals for 2011 posted at Jen's Genealogy Pages, saying, "This topic seemed an appropriate one for my first submission to the COG. As a soon-to-be back at work mom of two, if I achieve a mere fraction of the goals I've set for 2011, I'll consider it a success!"

footnoteMaven presents If I Only Had A Plan posted at footnoteMaven, saying, "Up the street, down the street. Ran or shine. Here comes the postman a friend of mine. Really?"

Jennifer Wilhelmi presents Plan 2011: Genealogy, Research, Writing, Education posted at The Erudite Genealogist, saying, "There is so much I want to accomplish this year. I will have to stay focused to do so! I do have one overarching goal: accomplish all of this while staying in my family’s good graces. Don’t be late for pick-up at school, don’t forget supper, and don’t pat the computer more than the puppies."

Jenn Cameron presents Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch* posted at Roots and Stones, saying, "My personal 2011 Genealogy Research and Writing Plan(s)...for my first ever CoG!"

Jenna presents 2011 Genealogy Goals posted at Desperately Seeking Surnames.

Shelley Bishop presents Going out on a limb posted at A Sense of Family, saying, "I huffed and puffed and finally pulled my goals together for the 101st COG--that is, if I'm not a day late and dollar short!"

Jennifer Shoer presents 101st Carnival of Genealogy - Genealogical Goodness in 2011 - My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011 posted at The Scrappy Genealogist, saying, "101st Carnival of Genealogy - Genealogical Goodness in 2011 - My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011"

Bob Kramp presents Genealogical Research and Writing Plan for 2011- Get the books out posted at Life's Journey, saying, "I have posted much of my genealogy and family history on the Internet as in blogs and web sites. But, this electronic environment is no match for the BOOK as a means of preserving your work. I present some of the booklets I am creating to pass my family history on to present and future generations."

Jennifer presents My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011 » Climbing My Family Tree posted at Climbing My Family Tree, saying, "My list of major genealogy projects I want to tackle this year."

Janet Iles presents Carnival of Genealogy 101 - My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011 posted at Janet the researcher, saying, "Janet has set two writing goals for 2011."

Carol presents 101st Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011. posted at Reflections From the Fence, saying, "For someone who recently has had trouble just planning a grocery run, this was a challenge!"

Sue Edminster presents Ozzie and the C.O.G. posted at Echo Hill Ancestors Weblog, saying, "Fun with dog training and family history"

Greta Koehl presents 2010 and 2011: Review and Preview – 101st COG posted at Greta's Genealogy Bog, saying, "Ever heard of the "the harder I work, the behinder I get" phenomenon? That is what has happened to me this year: besides having lots of work left over in some areas of research and writing because I did not get to it in 2010, what I did get done in 2010 resulted in even more work to do in 2011. 2011 is the year when I have to get really serious about my research and writing goals."

Dorene Paul presents Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011 posted at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, saying, "Dorene from Ohio's plan for Genealogy Writing and Research in 2011 is that she really doesn't have a plan!"

Nolichucky Roots presents Genea-Resolutions for 2011 posted at Nolichucky Roots, saying, "Here's hoping the resolutions lead to a happy and productive 2011 for all!"

Lidian presents Don't Forget To Write: Planning For the New Year posted at The Virtual Dime Museum, saying, "In this post I concoct a highly ambitious, semi-unrealistic plan for all the things I would like to write and research in 2011, knowing full well that getting through even half of this would be really quite a good thing."

Michelle Goodrum presents 101st Carnival of Genealogy - Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011 posted at The Turning of Generations, saying, "My 2011 research plan is focused on answering one question that I've been wanting to get an answer to for several years. Hopefully I'll find the answer. If not, I know I will at least have taken another baby step in the right direction."

Donna presents Big Plans: 11 Genealogy Goals for 2011 posted at What's Past is Prologue, saying, "Even though I didn't accomplish the few genealogy goals I had for 2010, I couldn't resist coming up with ELEVEN for 2011!"

Charles Hansen presents Carnival Of Genealogy 101 Research/ Writing Plans for 2011 posted at Mikkel's Hus, saying, "I sure wished I had payed more attention in English classes, but I guess genealogists are more interested in how to research than in good grammar."

Hummer presents 2011 Genealogy Goals posted at Branching Out Through The Years, saying, "I needed to do this thanks for the prompt."

Dee presents 2011 Genealogy Goals posted at Ancestrally Challenged, saying, "Genealogy goals for 2011 focusing on research, organization, writing and education"

Lori Thornton presents The Best Laid Plans . . . posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian, saying, "Plans change because life happens. Sometimes, as with 2010, plans are altered. Current plans for 2011 including presentation and personal research goals are included."

Terri O'Connell presents 2011 Resolutions posted at Finding Our Ancestors.

Miriam Robbins Midkiff presents Resolutions 2011 posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors, saying, "A simple plan for 2011, because simple works best!"

Apple presents My Plan for 2011 posted at Apple's Tree, saying, "While 2011 promises to be a year full of change for me, I have hopes of accomplishing quite a bit. I rarely know where a research trail will take me or when I'll veer off to some totally unplanned direction but I've found that those unplanned paths are always the most fun!"

Alice Keesey Mecoy presents Carnival of Genealogy - Goals for 2011 posted at John Brown Kin, saying, "My goals for 2011"

Cheryl Schulte presents My 2011 Genealogy Plan posted at Two Sides of the Ocean, saying, "I have made a 2011 Genealogy Plan and have detailed just what I hope to accomplish, one step at a time."

M. Diane Rogers presents My genealogy research/writing plan for 2011 - Carnival of Genealogy #101 posted at CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt', saying, "I've set myself three writing goals for 2011. One is a bigger project that's been 'on the shelf', one is on-going but I need a push with it, and the other is new. I'll keep people posted on my progress throughout the year."

Vickie Everhart presents 1911 New Year's Day 2011 posted at .: BeNotForgot :: begotten; ne'er forgotten :., saying, "My genealogy goals for 2011 . . . depending on (quoting my 2nd great-grand-uncle) . . . whether God will permit me to live, to keep the records of another year, is more than poor mortal man can know, but trusting in His mercy I shall enter upon the trials of another year, with hopes of future success & prosperity through His goodness and favor."

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you were inspired by it! It's not too late to come up with your own plan for your genealogy research and writing for 2011!

I'd planned to have the February edition of the COG be the annual iGene edition but I've noticed a lot of bloggers already writing up their best 5-10 articles from 2011. And while that's not really the same as the iGene edition, it is similar. So would you prefer the next edition to be the traditional iGene edition or something different? I've put a poll in the left column of my blog. Please vote and let me know what you'd like the topic for COG #102 to be. The poll will close on Monday, January 10th and I'll post the results and a call for submissions on this blog that same day.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. Please use a descriptive phrase in the title of any articles you plan to submit and/or write a brief description/introduction to your articles in the "comment" box of the blog carnival submission form. This will give readers an idea of what you've written about and hopefully interest them in clicking on your link. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Thanks for the poster, fM!

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