Sunday, August 07, 2011

Genealogy Photo Challenge for World Photography Day

Dear Photograph,
My great grandmother's world looks so different from mine. Her grave site was in the middle of nowhere then. It's on the edge of a major Detroit street now, a street in a neighborhood long past its prime. So much time has passed since my great grandmother Ludwika's death in 1912, but she is still remembered.
With Love From Her Great Granddaughter,
I believe the inset photo was taken on November 11, 1916, on the day Ludwika's husband was buried a short distance away. The seasons are obviously off in the two photos and I may try to retake this photo in the afternoon light one November day. The photo was difficult to line up because all I had to work with was the grave marker to the left of Ludwika's. I should have taken my laptop with me to download the images on the spot. There was just too much ambient light for me to be able to see if the photo was lined up and in focus in my camera preview screen. All in all, it's not bad but I could do better.

Submitted to The Past is Present: Genealogy Photo Challenge for World Photography Day at The Family Curator. World Photography Day is August 19, 2011 and submissions for the Genealogy Photo Challenge are being accepted until 6am PST 15 August 2011.