Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm In!

Yesterday I mailed in my state income tax return and with that I am officially done with my taxes for another year. Yeah!

D'ya know what that means? It means I am now free to work on the 1940 Census indexing project when it starts in just 12 days. Knowing myself, as I do, I knew that the indexing would become my distraction to procrastinate from working on my tax return. I knew I would inevitably end up doing my taxes April 16 & 17 (deadline is April 17 this year) and sweating it out. Never a good way to do things. This is much better. Now I can index to my heart's content and not worry about running up to the tax filing deadline. :-) So, I'm in!

I am looking forward to finding some of my family members in the 1940 Census. I don't anticipate learning anything all that earth shattering but there are few questions I'd like answers to and I think the census just might help me out. 

I have another genealogy project in process. It's the one I identified as my New Year's Resolution... to transcribe some of the audio recordings I have of my mom. I struggled with this one from the beginning. The transcription work was T E D I O U S to say the least. It was very time consuming and I felt like I would never get it done. Then, after a great suggestion from some of my Google+ friends, I borrowed a foot pedal from my dear friend and that has made all the difference. I wouldn't exactly say I'm zooming through it now but the project is moving along at a reasonable pace and I hope to finish with the recordings in the next month or so. 

I haven't been doing a lot of genealogy research lately but I do occasionally do an online look-up here and there hoping to find and fill in some holes in the family tree. I haven't had a lot of success but then I haven't put in a great deal of effort either. The weather here in Michigan has been soooo nice for the last week or so that I've found it hard to sit at my desk to work on my taxes, write a blog post, or do transcription. In fact, the sun is shining and it's in the 70s right now. I think I'll head outside and take Kaj for a walk and enjoy this lovely day.