Thursday, February 07, 2008

Face Recognition on

I'm happy to tell you that someone (presumably from left a comment on my previous post with instructions on how I can now access my saved face recognition meters. So let me go over this with you one more time.

At you can upload photos of you and your parents (or any 3 people) and their program will run a face recognition comparison and let you know which parent you favor. Here's my meter:

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

All you have to do is go to and click on "face recognition", then on "try face recognition". The site will take you step by step (very simple steps ;-) through the process of uploading 3 photos and getting your meter. When you are done you can instantly create a blog post (all the major blogging platforms are there I think), copy and paste the html code to insert in a page yourself (that's what I've done here), or save your meter. You'll have to create an account if you intend to save.

To access your meters at a later date, login to the site and click on "My Profile". You'll find a thumbnail image on the right side of the page and under it you'll find three links, one to make your album private (or public), one to delete the album, (those two links were there before) and a new link to view your album. Yeah!

I have to tell you that I've spent/wasted ;-) a good deal of time playing with this program. It's addictive! I've compared myself to my mom and an aunt who I was always told I favored. I've compared myself to my cousins, my kids to their grandparents... the possibilities are endless! Here's how I do it.

The face recognition software works best with close-up straight-on facial views. So I use my favorite quick-use photo editing software, Picasa (free from Google). In Picasa I open up a photo and do a close crop of the face of the person I'm interested in. Then I "export to folder" and choose to create a small 320 pixel image (you don't need high resolution and it just takes longer to upload). Then I can hit "undo crop" and my original photo isn't actually changed or altered in any way. I repeat this for all the faces I want, quick and easy, and I end up with a folder full of close-crop, low res photos perfect for uploading to the site.

Try it and I'll bet you'll have a lot of fun with this face recognition software! And let me see your meter... I want to know who you look like!