Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does Legacy 7 Have This Capability?

Maybe someone with Legacy 7 can help me out with a little information. I'm wondering if the folks at Legacy have yet added the capability of using Polish alphabet characters to their software. I know there isn't a "Polish version" of Legacy yet. I'm not interested in that anyway. I just want to know if you can save Polish letters (with diacritical marks) in the new version.

Here are the Polish letters that are different from English.

ą ę ł ć ń ó ś ż ź

I'd like to know if you can type a name or location using these characters.

Anyone willing to try creating a record for the name Wacław Pałka who lived in Łódź, Poland? (should be able to copy and paste)

I was going to try downloading the free version but it will overwrite my version 6 deluxe. If 7 doesn't allow these characters I'd have to reinstall version 6 deluxe again to get back to where I am that that's just a pain in the butt. I sure would appreciate it if someone could save me the time and trouble by just checking this out for me.