Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancin' 10 Feet Off the Ground...

Every once in a while some good vibrations in the cosmos ripple all over you and you just have to share it. Today is one of those days for me. I'm dancin' 10 feet off the ground and singing a very merry tune :-)


I spent yesterday at a local library looking up obits from the Detroit News. I had pretty good success (found 14 of the 20 I was looking for) and came up with some new names to add to my Legacy database.


One of the new names I came up with, Rita, was for a first cousin once removed that I didn't know I had :-)


Rita got married and moved out of Detroit to a little town called Pittsford, Michigan.


So I was able to Google search her and actually find some information! This is a big deal for me because my family is virtually all from Poland or Detroit, two big places where there's no information available on peasants/poor folk unless they're law breakers or they do something noteworthy (nobody that I know of in my family falls into either category).


And I know it's not much but I learned that back in the 1940s she was a head dietician for the Pittsford Area School. Granted that's not a lot of information but the discovery was very exciting!


Timing is everything. I just so happened to have an appointment at the salon today.


So I got a chance to share my discovery with my stylist, Linda, who just so happens to share my passions... genealogy, photography, and digital scrapbooking. I mean, who's lucky enough to be able to share the same passions as their stylist?


And she had a new genealogy discovery to share too! Man, there's just nothing like connecting with someone who is feeling the same good vibrations of the cosmos as you are. We were like a couple of puppies falling all over ourselves in an effort to tell each other our good news. I think the other stylists and clients thought we were nuts but we didn't care.


And she had a couple of tips for me. She recommended a book of genealogy extraction forms she'd just picked up that looks pretty cool. The Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook .


She told me that bangs were coming back in style :-) So ladies, wear your bangs proudly!


And I got a new 'do... with bangs of course!

And now?

Now I'm going back to entering the rest of my obit information in my Legacy database and then I'm going out to dinner to celebrate!

Have a great weekend!