Friday, November 04, 2005


God blessed me with a gorgeous birthday. A rare November day indeed when we have 70+ degrees and sunshine! I spent the morning Christmas shopping and had lunch by myself due to my own forgetfulness. David called to invite me to lunch but I forgot to turn my phone on this morning and didn't get the call. So I had lunch at Panera Bread, just me and my laptop.

After lunch I came home and got Caesar and took a beautiful drive down Hines. The fall colors are just beautiful right now. I don't know if we are at peak or just past it but there is still a lot of fall color to behold. I'd say there were more of the vibrant reds a week or so ago but right now there is an abundance of yellows and golds, burgundys and browns. Lovely! I went to my favorite spot and took Caesar for walk first thing. He'd loved it of course. Then I pulled out my laptop and settled in for a couple of hours of writing. The writing went exceptionally well today. I'm really having fun with it. I'm still keeping to my basic outline but I'm leaving out many of the details I'd planned on in favor of telling more story. I'm thinking I'll go back and add more detail on the rewrite. For now, I'm pushing on.
When my battery ran out, I headed for home. When I got here Colin had gone to play football with his friends so I had the house to myself. So I wrote for a couple more hours. My word total as of today is: 6366!