Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's About Good Sex

(Caesar, my doggie)

I've been talking about editing and re-writing my manuscript but I haven't actually sat down and done any of it yet. I'm entertaining the idea of participating in an online contest for editing... yes, there is one! NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) takes place in March and if I can swing it I plan to participate. In preparation for the contest I've been reading three books; the first is a book about self-editing for authors, helpful but dry reading. The second is a book about character traits and was written by a very astute psychologist. And my favorite is a book called "The Joy of Writing Sex". It's a fascinating book about how sex scenes in literature have changed over time and what makes for a good sex scene. I'm enjoying this book the most although frankly it will only help me with a few scenes in the book.

Now if I can just get my new computer up and functional and my income tax return done, I can launch myself into NaNoEdMo and march on with my editing next month!