Friday, March 24, 2006

Disappointing Day

(More pictures from the game! University of Michigan's Crisler Arena, NIT quarterfinals)

(Free throw... 2 in a row for UM!)

(The student section is always lively!)
(Floor action at its best. Go Blue!)

I'm not disappointed with Michigan's performance in the NIT quarterfinals. No, I'm happy with their win over Miami, FL. My disappointment is with the lack of results I got when I requested my great aunt's marriage record from the State of Michigan.

I sent in my request in mid-November (2005) and asked them to search 1921-1922 in Detroit. I paid for expedited service so I could get the record sooner (I'm always impatient). I heard nothing from them for over 4 months. Finally last week I called the office in Lansing (phone number is hard to find because it's not on the web site except at the bottom of the .PDF form you download to request a record) and spoke with a very pleasant lady who was kind enough to look up my request. She had no trouble finding the request but she couldn't explain why it was still sitting on the pile and had not been processed all this time. She assured me it would be processed right away and I could expect to hear from their office in a week or so.

Today I got the "sorry we couldn't find this record" letter from their office. What a bummer. That means I'll have to make a trip to Lansing to the library again to look for this record on the unindexed microfilms :-( probably in the year 1923. Because I'm sure not going to send the State of Michigan another request and a check any time soon.