Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Love This Software!

(Spirit of Detroit statue wearing Pistons jersey, 2004)

I just love to find cool new software. I admit it. I'm a software junkie. When I find cool new software that's free, I have to share it with my friends. Now this new software I've found isn't really new, it's just a new find for me. Evidently it's been around for a while... long enough to have the bugs worked out. Maybe you've heard of it already. If so, why didn't you tell me???!!! It's a great program! Shame on you for not sharing!

The software I'm talking about is Picasa. Picasa is a photo preview program and so much more. It's also a simple but very effective photo enhancing program. And, it also optimizes photos for the internet. And it creates really cute little movies of your photos... oh and did I mention that it also creates photo collages too? I'll bet I didn't tell you that it. I should probably also mention that you can send photos by email right from the program. Oh, and you can send photos to your blog too (if you use Blogger). My favorite feature is the timeline... it's really nifty! Are you interested yet? If not, you will be when I tell you the best feature of all... it automatically indexes every photo on your hard drive. And you can add labels and captions and everything! Is that cool or what?

Picasa is easy to install, maybe the easiest program I've ever installed. It's brought to you by the folks at Google who bought the software some time ago and have made it available to the public for free. You can get your copy at
http://picasa.google.com/ . I hope you go out and get it right away and start having fun with it. When you take a break, come back to this blog and share your comments with me (don't be shy!). I'll bet you'll be as happy with this program as I am.

I should probably mention for the record that I am not promoting this software on Google's behalf. I get no monetary gain from this review. I'm just sharing a good idea that I know you'll like. And you will like it. Everthing works simply in this software. And coming from someone who lives in Adobe Photoshop everyday and also uses Adobe Bridge and ZoomBrowser, simple is good. It's nice to have a piece of software that will get you where you need to be in one or two clicks. No, it won't replace Photoshop for photo editing anytime soon. But it will get launched on my computer more often than Photoshop or Bridge will simply because I don't always want or need to use anything that complex to get what I need done. And Picasa is so much more fun!
So check it out for yourself and you too can stop searching through all your file folders for that elusive photo that you know it there somewhere...