Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shadows, Composition, and Point of View, Oh My!

(My Butterfly Guy)
Last night was the second meeting of my photography class. I really like this class because the instructor is not only a real expert at photography but very comfortable in front of a class as well. She's obviously experienced at teaching photography and that makes learning from her easy.

The first night of class we went over all the basics... shutter speed, aperture, film speed, metering, and lighting. Whew! That's a lot of information to cover in one class but it actually flowed smoothly and wasn't rushed. Last night we reviewed the information from the first class, learned all the manual settings for our cameras, and started learning about some basic elements of a good picture... shadows, composition, and point of view.

We got our first assignment for next week and that is to shoot some pictures using all manual settings and incorporating the elements presented in class. It was recommended that we start shooting in black and white because it is easier to focus on the elements and not get distracted by colors. I'm excited about the assignment and looking forward to clicking that shutter button!