Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cuzin Callin'

I received a wonderful phone call yesterday. It was from a cousin of mine that I haven't heard from in a long time. We were close during our high school years but sort of drifted apart after that. Our paths have crossed only a handful of times since then, usually at weddings, funerals, that sort of thing. So when I heard his voice yesterday it really took me by surprise. Nobody died, nobody's getting married... no family events happening at all. And that made the phone call all the more special.

But wait! It's gets even better! It turns out he was calling to ask me about our family history. He and his wife have recently developed an interest in genealogy and he was calling to chat with me about this new interest of theirs. Oh be still my heart, lest you beat yourself into oblivion. It's a rare day indeed when someone actually wants to hear me talk about the family history. I long ago stopped sharing all but the most exciting new genealogy discoveries with my husband and children. I need only mention a family surname and their eyes glaze over. Only my fellow genealogy pals understand how gratifying it is to have someone take a genuine interest in the research you've invested countless hours and dollars in over the years.

Family history is personal. And it's fairly unique too. When you think of all the people on this earth, you realize how rare and special those people are that you share both blood and memories with. There aren't that many, really. I'm thrilled to have reconnected with my cousin and we're planning to exchange information and photos in the weeks to come. I'm so glad someone else in the family is taking an interest in our history. I just hope I don't overwhelm him to the point where his eyes glaze over when I start talking ;0)