Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day in Metro Detroit

Fourth of July in Michigan... ahhh, summer doesn't get any better than this. After a cloudy and rainy start to the day, the weather improved dramatically. We had 85 degrees and just a few puffy white clouds for our afternoon weather. This evening it's in the mid 70s and clear. It was a great day to spend outdoors with a camera. Here're a few images I was able to capture today in the Metro Detroit area...

Someone got creative and spray painted a few of these roadside white dill weeds... so now they're red, white, and blue.

They didn't stop there... they went on to paint these weeds in a rainbow of hues...
We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Milford. While we were sitting there eating our
cones a couple rode up on their horses and stopped for a break. Others ran over to meet the horses and chat with the owners.

This goat was at the farm at Kensington Metropark
The rooster was too...
Many of the farm animals spent the hot afternoon laying in a shady place...
Posted by PicasaFilled with flowers now, this old manure spreader looks rather charming...

I guess if you had to wear a wool coat you'd find a shady spot on a hot afternoon too!

A sailboat on the lake. A nice breeze blowing.
I could have sat there watching the pleasant scene for hours.

And then there's my ever-looking-for-adventure husband taking a swing into the pond.
We attended a 4th of July party held by friends of ours.

Many places in the Detroit metro area have fireworks at this time of year.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful fireworks display right here in our community.

I love this camera!
I've taken lots of fireworks photos before but this
is the first batch I've taken with my Canon Rebel XT.


Gotta love the red, white, and blue!

God Bless America.