Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's a Gene Day

Some days just don't go the way you planned them. Today was one of those days. I had planned to spend the whole day working on setting up an ecommerce site for one of my customers and to my credit I did in fact spend some time working on that. But not much. Instead it became a genealogy day! :-)

There I was hard at work on the ecomm site when the door bell rang and my dog went crazy. I knew right away it was the postal carrier. Nobody gets my dog going like the postal carrier coming to the door, except maybe the FedEx guy.

After settling the beast, I opened the door and was handed a package by the postal carrier. Hmmm. I hadn't ordered anything, but it was addressed to me... and on the top was written "Photos, Do Not Bend". Cool! I love photos!

Inside the package was an 11"x17" wedding portrait of my grand aunt and her husband sent to me by my cousin. I had asked him for this picture a while back and I was beyond delighted that he came through for me. I was thrilled! It's a beautiful picture. Since they're family I would probably feel that way about the newlyweds even if they weren't a handsome couple, but they are. I never met the people in the picture but I heard stories about them when I was growing up. It's always nice to put a face to a name.

I stood and stared at the faces in the picture for the longest time trying to find physical traits that would have been passed down to their children and grandchildren. I found a few. It made me smile.

I tried to go back to work on the ecomm site but I just couldn't concentrate. So I checked my email instead... always a good way to procrastinate! There was an email from my genealogy buddy, V. I read the email and got to thinking that it sure would be nice to have lunch or dinner with V. It's been a while since we've gotten together. So I sent V an email and proposed the idea. V responded right away. Yes! And just like that I had a lunch buddy.

Then I did put in a couple of hours on the ecomm site, it was much easier to concentrate when I knew that I had a lunch outing to look forward to ;-)

V and I met at a local restaurant that serves, what else? Polish food! We had a great time talking genealogy and catching up. We were in our element there, genealogy and Polish food. Just as we were finishing up, a lady came over to talk to us. She was a fellow member of the PGSM that recognized us. How delightful! Another one of us! We chatted for few minutes and she went on her way. V and I talked for a few more minutes and decided to make a stop at our local Polish market on the way home. Might as well take advantage of the beautiful weather and the opportunity to shop together... what the heck, I was playing hooky from work anyway. That ecomm site could wait a little longer, right?

The two of us went to the cookies and candy section right off. Might as well start with the good stuff! From there we made our way around the store chatting about different foods we'd tried and liked or didn't. It was a simple thing, sharing lunch and shopping. But it was special too because it was spontaneous and comfortable. Because of my involvement with the PGSM I've met lots of Polish genealogy hobbyists. But there aren't many of those folks I'd truly call "friend". V is one of those few. A very special one.

Because of shopping, the lunch break went a little long. But that old ecomm site was still there sitting and waiting for me when I got back. It didn't even complain that I'd left it. Although my conscience was beginning to do a number on me. So I sat down and tried to get back into it. "Tried" being the key word here. I just couldn't seem to focus on ecomm. I made a good effort, really I did. But it just wasn't happening. So I shut my work computer down and went back to looking at the photograph I received in the mail. And thinking about lunch with V.

It's a good day :-)

The cookies and candy section... yum!