Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Memory Walk '06

Took a walk on the wild side last Saturday at the Detroit Zoo. It was the Alzheimer's Association's annual Memory Walk. The weather was overcast but the spirits of the walkers were not. We had a wonderful time and contributed to a good cause. Alzheimer's disease robs all too many of our family and friends of their memories. So it has special significance to those of us researching our family history.

The walking paths were packed with Memory Walk participants.

These 3 camels stood staring at the crowds wondering what was going on.

The red panda took one look at the crowd and decided it was time to skee-daddle.

A gorilla decided to play "see-no-evil"... I guess he was shy of the crowd.

This lioness wasn't intimidated by the crowd.
She took a leisurely stroll around her pen and pretended we didn't exist.

The crowd didn't intimidate this guy either.
He wasn't afraid to look anyone in the eye.

Here's Curious George, checking out the people checking him out.

These guys came over to check out the scene.

This one was reeeeally unimpressed with us.

Mild curiosity was the most we could get from the kangaroos.

The crowds thinned out as the walk continued.
Families got caught up in watching the animals
and lost track of the groups they came with.

Very unimpressed with the crowds, these zebras munched on.

This guy wasn't impressed either. I'll bet you can't guess who he is.
He's Przewalski's Horse AKA Asian Wild Horse (Equus przewalskii).
Seriously, he must have been named for a Pole who discovered him or something. This species is extinct in the wild but 700 zoos around the world have an active breeding program hoping to someday re-populate the native Asian lands they came from.

Now here's someone who found us fascinating.
This prairie dog was suitably impressed with the crowd around his home.

This highly intelligent, clever, and handsome
fellow is just what you would expect...
A Michigan Wolverine! Go Blue!

Oh my, my, my...
He's looking intently at something,
like he's ready to devour it.

Must be a Buckeye Nut!

Anteaters have got to be one of the strangest looking creatures on this earth.

This peahen looked totally clueless while the flamingos looked totally bored with us.

The event was well attended and a good time was had by all the participants. Still, I hope and pray that there will be no need for the event to happen next year because a cure has been found for Alzheimer's disease.