Monday, September 18, 2006

Stadnicki Manor House

Just for the record, Steve Danko isn't the only one with a picture of a manor house owned by the Stadnicki family from their ancestors' village. I have a picture or two myself.

I got this picture from the internet, along with the next picture.

Close up of the Dwor Stadnicki in Wielka Wies, Poland

This picture was taken by my cousin Piotr.
OK, so I don't have a pastel by Rafał Marian Bogusławski...
But I do have a Photoshop special by Jasia!

Well, truth be told, I have no idea if the Stadnicki family that owned this manor house is the same Stadnicki family that owned the manor house in Nienadowa. But I do have a couple of marrage records of the Stadnicki family that lived in this house, or maybe they are two views of the same record. The marriage date I have for these records is February 11, 1783. Maybe Steve will be able to determine if our Stadnicki manor home owners are related. After all, there is a preponderance of evidence that Steve and I were separated at birth ;-) That must count for something, right? Probably means our connection is through the owners of the manor houses in our ancestors' villages. Sounds logical doesn't it?

I don't have a translation to offer you. Sorry about that.

Anyone else out there have a Stadnicki family manor home photo they want to share?