Wednesday, October 25, 2006

About About (Genealogy)

Some web sites live up to their reputation and others disappoint you. The one that disappoints me the most is Cyndi's List. I think Cyndi must have taken a long vacation from her web site. Some sources report that she hasn't updated her list for 2 years now. I can't verify that but I do know that a few sites I've submitted in the last year haven't been added to a category yet. Frankly, I suspect it's gotten to be too much for her to handle. It is an enormous site and I for one wouldn't want to manage it. However, there are some people who do that sort of thing quite well...

One such person is Kimberly Powell at About: Genealogy. Not only is her site well maintained and organized but there is frequently fresh information added as well! And Kimberly's is no small site either! Can you image creating and maintaining a site About Genealogy? It's an enormous task and yet Kimberly has done and continues to do it very well.

Just the other day someone emailed me to ask how to start a genealogy blog. I started to write back to them with suggestions on how to get started when it dawned on me that Kimberly probably already had something on that subject. I did a quick search on her site and sure enough I found just what I was looking for, "Blogging Your Family History Search". I was happy to send the link to her site and save myself the typing. The content of her articles is always well thought out and well written. About:Genealogy is a wonderful resource site that doesn't disappoint. Kudos to Kimberly!