Monday, October 23, 2006

Hamtramck center holds data on Polish in the U.S.

From the Detroit News/Free Press, an interesting article appeared October 22, 2006:
Hamtramck center holds data on Polish in the U.S.:
Tracking down information about America's more than 9 million Polish Americans and Polish nationals and how they live will be easier now that the Hamtramck-based Piast Institute has been named a U.S. Census Information Center...

...The Piast Institute, a think tank and data resource center specializing in Polish and Polish-American issues, will receive data and technical support from the U.S. Census Bureau to help it develop statistical information about the Polish-American community.

All kinds of information can be extracted from the census data: If someone wants to know about the voting patterns of Polish-Americans in Los Angeles, the Piast Institute will be able to help. If a business wants to direct mailings mostly toward Polish Americans, the institute can determine where those neighborhoods are all around the country. [More]