Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evil Temptation

Why? Why is it chose this month to make their big addition of immigration records available for free. Don't they know I'm busy writing and don't have time to play with online databases right now? The nerve of them! And my blogger buddies... you keep writing about all the fun and success you're having with this new database. You're just teasing me!!!

Here I am, trying to grind out thousands of words a day for my novel and you guys are having all the fun. It's just not fair I tell ya.

Of course I'm just kidding here. But I must admit the temptation to get distracted from my writing by spending time doing lookups in the database is pretty strong. OK, I'll confess. I did go there and do one quick lookup (for a friend, not for myself) but it took everything in me to sign out after that. I must be strong. I must avoid temptation!