Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jasia's Family History Christmas List

A Christmas list any family historian would appreciate:
  1. I wish I had my mother's recipes. She was one of those who always cooked from memory and never bothered to record her recipes.
  2. I wish I had a Christmas ornament from any of my grandparents.
  3. I wish I had a family photo with my mom and dad and me and my brothers in it, or even one with just me and my mom and dad in it.
  4. I wish I had a letter of correspondence from my great grandparents to any of my grandparents after they immigrated to the U.S.
  5. I wish I could go to my family's ancestral villages (in Poland).
  6. I wish I could speak the language of my ancestors (Polish).
  7. I wish Legacy software would accept the characters of my ancestors' language (Polish).
  8. I wish I had a diary of one of my ancestors, anyone of them.
  9. I wish I had more time for things family-history related.
  10. I wish there was a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.
What's on your wish list this Christmas?

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One thing that both my maternal and paternal grandparents had in common was that they were married in the same church, Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Detroit. They joined "Hearts" parish when they first got here, married, and then moved clear across town and joined other Polish parishes. This church had a most controversial beginning and some of its earliest history appears in my most recent novel, Hear the Linden Tree. It is an absolutely beautiful church, very large (the largest in the Archdiocese of Detroit), with award winning stained glass windows and the most dazzling Christmas midnight Mass you'll ever see. I am a member of this parish and I bought this ornament in the church's gift shop.