Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Family Cookbook, Step 1: Requesting Recipes

Today I officially launched my family cookbook project. I spent the whole day composing letters and email to family members that I'm hoping will contribute to the cookbook. I've been putting this day off because it seemed like such a daunting task... writing the letters and locating all the addresses. Who keeps their address book up to date for all their family members?

Here's a breakdown of what I've done in Step 1:
  • I went online and looked up addresses to mail letters to those I don't have an email address for (most of my family members).
  • I sent out emails to those few family members of mine who are online.
  • I went to the post office and bought oodles of stamps.
  • I composed a basic letter, a request for recipes. I had to write two different versions for different sides of the family.
  • I wrote a separate letter (shorter and simpler) to my family members in Poland and Germany.
  • I went to visit with my Polish-English translator and gave her the letter I need translated to send to my family members in Poland and Germany. (She will likely get it done this weekend so I should be able to get those letters out early next week.)
  • I started addressing envelopes but quickly ran out. I'll have to make a trip to the office supply store this evening :-7
  • I printed up a batch of return address labels.
Yet to do:
  • Buy more envelopes.
  • Finish addressing the envelopes.
  • Print up copies of my basic letters.
  • Pick up my translated letter and make copies.
  • Make up a list of who I've sent recipe requests to.
I'm giving all my relatives here in the U.S. a deadline of March 1st for submitting recipes. I'm asking my relatives in Europe to get their recipes to me by March 15th.

The next step will be reviewing cookbook software and choosing one that best meets my needs.