Sunday, January 21, 2007

Polish Tartan

Chris Dunham at The Genealogue posted an article about an interesting press release describing a tartan plaid being created for Poles living in Scotland. It incorporates the colors of Poland, red and white, as well as dark blue representing Scotland. I got curious and did some surfing to find out what it looks like. Here it is!

I got the sample image from the Sikorski Polish Club web site where they give contact information for ordering Polish tartan kilts, scarfs, ties, shawls, etc.

International Tartans, PO Box 28289, Edinburgh EH9 3WW. Tel: 01316671314
email: web site:

Unfortunately, the web site is still under construction and I couldn't find the Polish tartan on it. :-( However, I predict this will become the newest fashion craze. Move over Burberry plaid, the Polish tartan is here!