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Carnival of Genalogy, 17th Edition

Welcome to the February 4, 2007 edition of Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition of the Carnival is, acknowledging and giving thanks to those who have inspired our genealogy research and helped us along the way. It's no surprise that a lot of the genealogy bloggers have their family members to thank, but inspiration came from many other sources as well. Check out these blog posts and see what inspires their passion for genealogy and who's helped them find success.

Starting us off today, Maureen presents Empty Nest - » The Best Genealogy Gift Ever posted at Empty Nest, saying, "A small piece of memorabilia made a truly wonderful gift". Would you believe her inspiration came from a restaurant menu? Check out this wonderful article and enjoy the very special gift she received.

Next, Amy Crooks presents Storybooking Grandparents posted at Untangled Family Roots, saying, "What a treasure! That's what drives me to do this today for my children. My mother also doesn't have a sentimental bone in her body, and doesn't understand why I would start a business as a Heritage Makers Consultant that, to her, no one is interested in! Her mother was the same way. So the pictures I have of past ancestors have come from some my aunt (her twin) rescued before grandma died and those I have begged copies from other relatives I have found. I want to preserve all of this for my children so they can focus on their careers and so forth, but not miss out on this wonderful treasure to have. It was my dad's mother, Olivia Joyce (Jenkins) Woolsey who just pasted away three years ago, March, that sewed this first seed of passion for genealogy in me. It wasn't that she was a genealogist, but she always reminded me that there had once been a book written about her family and that it had been lost in a fire. That we had one famous relative, Daniel Boone. I'm still searching for that connection. But that's what got me curious. I did finally get my hands on a book that has her father John Hugh Jenkins and his roots in it, but it still wasn't the book she told me about. This hobby is addicting. What can I say once you getting started you can never quit!"

Next up, Randy Seaver presents How in the world did this happen to me? posted at Genea-Musings. Randy acknowledges help from many people, family members as well as those he met along the way. He even kindly remembers some folks he met online 15 years ago!

Apple presents I Couldn't Have Gotten This Far Without Them! posted at Apple's Tree. Apple was kind enough to remember all those who keep and maintain online databases and web sites and then shares some information about the very important contributions made by some of her family members.

Next up, Jasia presents A Word of Thanks posted at Creative Gene. Here's where I confess to being inspired by a software program and a family mystery. While the family mystery hasn't been entirely solved I have unearthed enough clues to satisfy my curiosity.

Craig Manson presents How It Began posted at GeneaBlogie, Here's Craig's "simple story" of how it all began for him... confusion and a calendar were key players along with inspiration from his dad.

Miriam Robbins Midkiff presents "I'd Like to Thank the Academy..." posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors, saying, "A thank you to those who got me started and those who keep me going in my genealogical quests." Miriam once again tells of the effort her parents made to teach her about and connect her with her family. She includes a touching memory about a 30-person welcoming committee at the airport.

Becky Wiseman presents Who was my inspiration? How did I get into this? posted at kinexxions. Becky's inspiration came from family as well as from a little old man in an RV. Read her touching tribute to those who've helped and inspired her.

And wrapping up the Carnival today, David Bowles presents Thanks! posted at Writing the Westward Sagas, saying, "Thanks to the many people and organizations that have helped me in my research." David's inspiration started with his family members' story telling. Any wonder he ended up as a family story teller himself?

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. And now it's time for a call for submissions for the next edition. The topic for the next edition will be: 5 Best tips for specific genealogy research. Let's get the word out and create a Carnival full of recommended "best" tips for researching in a specific time or location. We've all discovered some outstanding resources in the course of our research. Maybe you've got some wonderful resources for researching in Ireland, New England, or South Carolina. Tell us the best sources you recommend for researching a specific location! Did your family come over on the Mayflower, fight on Civil War battlefields, or participate in the California gold rush? Share your best sources for researching specific time or events. Let's put together more than just a list of resources, let's make it a Carnival of best recommended resources! Think about writing more than one blog article if you have knowledge of more than one area of research and submit them all. Let's see if we can get this next Carnival to go around the world, the country, and the block! Tell us how you've researched historical events too! Recommendations can be specific databases, books, web sites, genealogical/historical societies, collections, etc. This is Challenge Carnival... bring on your best!

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. The deadline for submissions will be February 15th, 2007.

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