Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who's Hungry for Cheesecake?

Here's some grins and giggles for you... As I was writing my memoir post for the week, it occurred to me that I should add a couple pictures of myself to it. This week's topic was the college years. So I went digging for my high school yearbook picture (to add to last week's post on my high school years) and some kind of picture from my college years to add to this week's post.

I didn't find my yearbook picture but I found a cheesecake picture from high school instead. This picture was taken the week of graduation. My brother let me drive his car (a Chevy Nova) during my senior year and here I am pictured with it painted up.

The only picture from college I could put my hands on without spending hours of time digging through piles of photos was this one. It's actually the photo from my University of Michigan student ID/meal ticket my freshman year... taken just a few months after the photo above.

Chris isn't the only genea-blogger with a sense of humor ;-)