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Carnival of Genealogy, 20th Edition

Welcome to the March 18, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The theme for this edition is: A tribute to women. Since March is National Women's History Month it seemed only fitting to dedicate this edition to the women in our lives, past and present. The contributors to this edition have done an outstanding job of honoring women with their very touching tributes. I know you'll enjoy reading about these women who may or may not have been famous in their day, but are infamous on the internet now.

Starting us off, Bill West presents West in New England: Agnes McFarland posted at West in New England Here's the story of a resilient woman who was able to persevere, written by her grandson who is able to recognize the sacrifices and efforts she made and give her the credit due her. I believe she would be honored, Bill.

Next, Lori Thornton presents Laura Lucy Taylor posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. Here we have the history of one woman's life as daughter, wife and mother. It's respectfully described by her great granddaughter. A fine tribute to this woman, Lori!

And next, Becky Wiseman shares with us Grandma's Story posted at kinexxions. Becky has a way of really capturing the essence of people in her writing. In this instance she also captures the essence of her grandmother in a great set of pictures. Becky, it's clear that Hazelette wanted to be remembered, in her own way. I think she would be pleased with your tribute. Thanks for sharing.

Apple presents Ruby Blanche Camfield posted at Apple's Tree, saying, "I chose to write about my Aunt Ruby because she had no children of her own but was an important part of the lives of three generations of her nieces and nephews." What a nice tribute to Ruby, Apple. She was obviously a "no-fuss, no-bother" kind of person. I'm sure she would have appreciated that you chose to honor her "for free" on the internet. Good choice!

Jasia writes of Ludwika Knot Lipa, One Woman posted at Creative Gene. I find it challenging to write a bio about someone I only know from documents. Writing a novel with her as the main character was easier. But I wanted the "real" Ludwika to be honorably mentioned for posterity. So here you have her.

David Bowles presents A Tribute to One Woman on International Women's Day posted at Writing the Westward Sagas, saying, "I've written about Margaret Mitchell in the past but she deserves a special tribute on International Women's Day. Her heroism and strong character contributed not only to the Mitchell Family but also to the colonists during the Revolutionary War." Though you've introduced us to Margaret before, it's certainly nice to revisit her. Thanks for sharing, David.

Here's a real heartfelt tribute. Tammy shares 80 Years... Forever Young posted at Family Doin's. Read about Tammy's mom Ruthie then leave her a belated birthday wish in the comment section on Tammy's blog!

Nikki-ann presents March 11, 2007 post entry posted at Nikki-ann : Journal, saying, "My entry was inspired by Apple after reading her post. Edna was the Aunt I never knew..." And now we all know Edna. Thanks for sharing your touching tribute Nikki-ann!

Randy Seaver composed a whole list of his female ancestors in Thinking about the women in my ancestry posted at Genea-Musings and left us hanging... wondering who he would write more in depth about. I didn't get an article submission from him so I'm guessing he still hasn't decided ;-) But allow me to mention on his behalf that he regularly shares the journal of Della (Smith) Carringer with us, and lately he has been detailing his online search for the ancestors of Cornelia Bresee. [Edit] My apologies. Randy did submit an article about his grandmother, Today is my Gram's 107th birthday. It's a loving tribute to a warm and loving woman. Thank you for sharing, Randy.

Next, Craig Manson writes a very fitting tribute to Bernadine, Ruth, and Frances Coles in Three Sisters posted at GeneaBlogie. I can understand why Craig couldn't just write about One Woman when he has these three true pioneering women on his family tree. They all three truly deserve recognition and honor for their accomplishments. Thank you, Craig, for introducing us to these outstanding women!

Dana Huff's A Tribute to Granna posted at Our Family History: A Genealogy Blog by Dana Huff may not make you laugh out loud or break into tears, but it will touch your heart. Granna is a dear soul who certainly knew how to make a difference in the life of a child. Dana, Coke for breakfast... she's a treasure alright!

Steve Danko presents Steve’s Genealogy Blog » Memories of Grandmother Danko posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog, saying, "This isn't a new post, but it's one of my personal favorites. Some photographs to accompany this post are at Photographs of Grandmother Danko". I wish I could have written this post about my own Polish-speaking grandmother. Steve shares warm, personal memories of Nanny Danko, a good hearted and strong willed farmer's daughter. She could have walked right off the pages of The Peasants. Thanks Steve!

footnote Maven presents Only Woman-Built Boat on Long Island posted at footnote Maven. This is an intriguing story about a somewhat mysterious woman. It teases you, brings all sorts of questions to mind. And generates a certain amount of respect for Lois Green. She must have been an uncommon woman to have undertaken such an uncommon pursuit. Hats off to Lois! Thanks for sharing, Maven. (Check out her very cool Carnival of Genealogy button. I love it!)

Next, Susan Kitchens shares a sad tale with many unanswered questions in Why International Women's Day is Hard posted at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. This article was hard to write, no doubt. The memories, hard to live with to this day. But Polly is remembered in the tragedy that was her death. Questions, sadness, anger. Acceptance.

Rounding things up for us, Miriam Robbins Midkiff shares One Woman: Barbara Dorothy Valk, Missionary to Central Africa posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors, saying, "The story of my maternal grandaunt, and her 46 years of service as a missionary." I am humbled when I read of such women. Barbara is well deserving of the tribute you have given her, Miriam. Thank you for sharing her life and good works with us.

We have an additional submission that came in just after I published this edition. It is beautifully written by Sasha Faith Mitchell and I absolutely must include it in our Carnival. One Woman - Nanny - Mary Eliza Mason Stewart 1871-1965 is posted at Memory Lane. Beautiful photos and a touching tribute to a good woman who indeed deserves to be remembered. Thank you, Sasha, for contributing your article!

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. I am so proud of this edition and how well it honors the very special women mentioned in it. Thank you to all who contributed to it and made it the very best COG ever! And now it's time for a Call For Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: Funny, foolish, family! In keeping with April Fool's Day, April 1st, it's time to share those funny family stories... tell us about wild and crazy Uncle Guido, the practical joke you played on your younger brother, or the family parrot who spouted off something naughty when the priest came to visit. Share with us those stories that make everyone smile when they're told and retold, short quip or long story - doesn't matter! Write up your giggles and submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. The deadline for submissions will be April 1st (so you can make your post an April Fools joke if you want ;-)

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