Monday, March 19, 2007

COG Ooops!

Due to a technical snafu, I did not receive notification of a couple articles that were submitted to the most recent Carnival of Genealogy. I have contacted the folks at (the coordinating site for all Carnivals) regarding this situation and they appear to be addressing the issue... I'm now receiving duplicate notices of submissions ;-) ... not exactly what I wanted to happen but at least I know they're trying.

Anyway, I invite you to revisit the 20th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy and check out Randy's and Sasha's submissions. Their contributions are both wonderful tributes to women in their respective families.

This sort of thing has never happened before and I don't anticipate it will happen again. But if you submit an article to the Carnival of Genealogy and it isn't included when you expect it to be, please contact me directly and let me know about it. I will be happy to edit the post and include your article.

Thank you to all who contribute to the Carnival of Genealogy and those who help make it "go 'round" with announcements and promotional buttons on their blogs. It's gettin' better and better with every ride!