Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scanning Montgomery Township HS Yearbook

Two hours. That's my limit. Two hours is the maximum amount of time I can spend scanning before I just can't stand the monotony any more. I put my favorite music on, I give myself a nice little treat to munch on, but by the time two hours have elapsed I'm too restless to sit still. Today I scanned for 2 hours and 20 minutes straight and the last 20 minutes were sheer agony.

The project today was scanning the 1947 Beacon. The title page reads,

The Second Year Book
Montgomery Township
High School
Arcadia, Pennsylvania

The book is 80 pages of black and white photos and text including pictures of the staff, senior students (all 38 of them), a class history for each grade (9-12), group shots of the 3rd-12th grade classes, as well as of the senior play participants, the orchestra, Future Farmers of America group, the F.H.A. Club (I have no idea what that was), the cheerleaders and football team, the basketball team, a school calendar, the honor roll, a page of "school yells", and few pages of the cute stuff... senior nicknames and ambitions, favorite songs, and a "popularity poll". And of course there were several pages of advertisements from local sponsors and merchants.

When I was about 3/4 of the way through scanning the book it occurred to me that I could have been smarter about this. I could have taken a digital photo of each page and been done in a fraction of the time. It worked well when I photographed the Assumption Parish jubilee books a while back. Now why didn't I think of that sooner?!?

Anyway, here's a list of the members of the Senior Class, the Faculty, and the Boardof Education pictured in the book.

Senior Class(as presented)

Gaither Sheesley Florence Bartlebaugh
Geraldine HaddenWilliam Smith
Guy MumauMary Watral
Leonard Gramley Bernice Woodruff
Ellen Webster John Wolfe
Donald Dishong Dorothy Prushnok
William Cessna Annabelle Lechnor
Josephine Matko James Hevner
Norman Carlson Jenny Freno
Andrew Woytek Daisy Richard
Jeanne Kidder Joseph Mehalic
John Moyer Theresa Biroscak
Edward Kobilis Mary Lou Davis
Ruth Deyarmin Henry Dudek
Harrmon Phillips Maurice Crosmun
Theodore Bathurst Mike Soltis
Vlady Meterko Harry Lee Gromley
Peter Benzie Joseph Fitzgerald
Gene Fitzgerald Eugene Rairigh
Lynn K. Smith George A. Rickard
Paul R. Blose Ida M. Miles
Rebecca H. Kirkland Helen Corbett
Joseph J. Sutila James E. Baldacchino
Dorothy R. Weezorak John G. Zaffuta
Board of Education
Elmer H. Smith H.D. Rairigh
H. I. Myers A.R. Wanchisn
H.N. O'Harrah