Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Carnival of Genealogy, 21st Edition

Welcome to the April 4, 2007 edition of Carnival of Genealogy. The theme for this edition of the COG is Funny, Foolish, Family! Here are the funny family stories that make us smile or even laugh out loud. These tales show the humorous side of family history... wonderful, lighthearted entertainment. Warning! You may experience giggling. If so, don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

Starting us off today, Bill West presents DAD, THE BLACKFEET, & ME posted at West in New England. Floyd Earl was a character that's for sure. This one made me smile. We've all met someone with Floyd's dry sense of humor at some point and you can't help but give him credit... it's all in the delivery. Thanks for sharing Bill!

Then, Jasia presents First Time Driving posted at Creative Gene. No matter how many times my mom told me this story it always made me chuckle. Some stories are just like that ;-)

Next, Dana Huff presents The Horse Story posted at Our Family History: A Genealogy Blog by Dana Huff. Oh, Dana! This story is such a hoot! Even just trying to picture the horse with the pillows... well, it makes for a darn good cackle! I wonder what Old Amos would think about being immortalized world wide for that incident?! Thanks for sharing Dana!

Apple presents Laugh 'til it Hurts! posted at Apple's Tree. I'm laughing at the thought of your mother laughing and I don't even know the woman! Great post, Apple. Laughter is contagious as you'll see when you read this post... Thanks Apple!

Then we have Becky Wiseman presenting A bit of humor for April 1st posted at kinexxions. There's an art to writing humor and Becky's definitely got it down pat. Charming stories... each one made me smile :-) Thanks for contributing once again Becky!

Randy Seaver gives us a double dose of family foolishness with Genea-Musings: A cure for insomnia and If Mary April married Claude Fool, she would be ... Mary April Fool! posted at Genea-Musings, saying, "Merry April Fools Day". Randy story of the cure for his wife's occasional insomnia is certainly worth reading... and it will make you smile. Genealogists will relate with Randy, and all the genealogy-challenged in the world will relate to Angel Linda ;-) Thanks Randy!

Our own footnote Maven presents My Ancestors Didn’t Raise No Fools – April or Otherwise - Or Did They posted at footnote Maven. Maven Dear, did you laugh hysterically the entire time you were writing this??? ...because I would have been if it was my story to tell. Thank you for the belly ache! (Check out Maven's COG button... it's fantastic!)

Craig Manson presents Carnival: The First Black NASCAR Driver posted at GeneaBlogie. Craig never fails to deliver a good tale and with this post you get two of 'em. You gotta love Uncle Herman... I've never seen a driver drive like this but if I ever do I'm gonna think of Uncle Herman and laugh out loud! And then there's Elias Bowie... what a character!!! Thanks Craig! (And thanks for wearing the COG button too.)

Up next, Tammy presents Model T Tales posted at Family Doin's, saying, "A cute story about my dad's very early love affair with the automobile." Oh Tammy, this story is precious! I can just imagine the look of terror on your grandmother's face when she heard the sound of that car. How her heart must have raced! Thanks for sharing!

David Bowles presents Oops! A Lesson Learned posted at Writing the Westward Sagas, saying, "The joke was on me when I realized my failure to research led to telling a family story that couldn't have been true. My ancestor was credited with doing something that didn't happen until 30 years after his death." Oops indeed! Most all of us will relate to this one David, even as we're chuckling about it! Thanks!

Denise Olson presents A Suckling Pig posted at Moultrie Creek, saying, "A Christmas dinner that went wrong." This is a good one Denise. I can see why it is still being remembered 40 years later! Thank you for sharing this pig's tale ;-)

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. Make sure you bookmark this post so that when you're having a down day you can revisit it to cheer yourself up. There are some guaranteed grins here!

And now it's time for the Call for Submissions. In the 10+ months of the COG's existence I've gotten several submissions that didn't fit with any topic thus far so... The next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be a "carousel" edition. Just like carousels have a variety of animal figures on the ride so too will the next edition of the COG have different topics. All topics (genealogy-related of course!) are welcome. Submit any article you'd like. I already have 9 submissions so if there are even just a few more it will be the largest COG ever. It could be a wild ride... it's up to you!

Also, I'm looking for suggestions for topics/themes for future COG editions. If there's a particular topic you'd like to see featured on the Carnival of Genealogy mention it with your submission or drop me an email at: imjasia at If you'd like to see an index of all the previous editions of the COG you can do so here. The deadline for submissions is April 15th!

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