Sunday, June 24, 2007

My View on Vista

This is my last off-topic blog post, at least for a while. I realize I've had a string of them lately but after this I'm back to genealogy.

I'm sending this post out to those of you who have been waiting for Microsoft to get the bugs worked out of their new Vista operating system before you upgrade or buy a new computer. I think it's been roughly 4 months or so since Vista was released and in my opinion it's still not ready for prime time folks.

My new HP laptop came with Vista Premium Home edition. Right out of the box there were issues. My pet geek put in 3 solid hours of work on it before it was operating stable with the basics installed (I can see my network of computers, I can print to a printer, I can surf the web). I have not tried to install any other drivers, add any software, or set up folders yet.

Now that the system is stable I have to tell you that Vista looks great. I will have to go through the tutorial to learn my way around it but that shouldn't be a problem. I also need to learn all the gizmo buttons on the laptop too as there are many I haven't figured out yet. I'm a happy girl but I'm sure I'd be pulling my hair out if I did't have a pet geek. If you don't have one, you might want to give Microsoft a little more time with this one...