Tuesday, October 30, 2007

November is Knocking on the Door

Did you catch Thomas' post yesterday? In Christmas Already? he proposes to blog an Advent Calendar of Christmas memories. Even though I feel funny thinking about Christmas before Halloween is here I found myself jotting down a list of Christmas memories I could blog about. In about 15 minutes time, I was able to come up with 24. That's just enough for an Advent calendar :-)

Last year, My Christmas Greeting To You, was a photo of one piece of my collection of Christmas ornaments with each post I wrote from December 1st until Christmas Day. There were 16 in all. I think I'll continue that this year too except that I'll include them in my Christmas memories posts only.

Who else is game? Anyone else want to share an Advent calendar of Christmas memories? Or a Menorah of 8 Hanukkah memories? A Kinara of 7 Kwanzaa memories? Come on, this could be fun! Start planning now and writing soon. November is knocking on the door!