Monday, November 26, 2007

Oral and Photo Histories Sought

What a wonderful world it would be for genealogists if every city library took on the projects that the Livonia (Michigan) Public Library is undertaking. Check this out...
The Livonia Library is interested in oral histories and Livonia images to begin a collection for historic and genealogical research. The library is looking for people to record their memories and descriptions of major events, local businesses, visits by famous people, or even just everyday life in and around Livonia in earlier days. Oral histories will be recorded at the Livonia Civic Center Library and then transcribed into a paper copy, indexed and made accessible for study and, in the future, available on our web site. Each participant will get their own copies of their history in audio and written formats. Photographs of "old Livonia" are also being sought. Pictures of stores, churches, schools, events and other images of the past will be copied and indexed and the original will be returned to the owner. Once again, the goal is to make these treasures available on the internet . For more information, please contact Carl Katzfiasz, Head of Adult Services at the Civic Center Library at (734) 466-2480.
HELP RECORD THE HISTORY YOU HELPED CREATE:The library is looking for Livonians to participate and contribute to the Veteran's History Project. This nationwide project created in 2000 and is a joint effort of the Library of Congress and the American Folklife Center. The Project's aim is to record and collect wartime memories of men and women who served in the all branches of the Armed Forces. Interviews will be conducted at the Civic Center Library and then transcribed. Copies of the interviews will be made for the library's collection, the Veteran's History Project and the interviewee. To learn more about the Veteran's History Project visit their web site at For more information or to participate, contact Carl Katzfiasz, Head of Adult Services at the Civic Center Library at (734) 466-2480.
Now aren't those great ideas? I sure hope they get a great response from past and present residents of the city of Livonia. Once completed, it will be a great resource for historians and genealogists alike.