Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Wishes for You

I want to take a moment to wish all my online friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a difficult (sad) week for me. I've been thinking about my mom a lot, and missing her. I just haven't felt like blogging even though I have some wonderful things to share with you. Today went better than I thought it would. Now that it's behind me I'll be focusing on Christmas. Starting with tonight! I'm one of those crazy people who climb out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to get a good spot in line to grab some of those "Black Friday" shopping deals. I love the holiday hustle and bustle that other people groan about. I'm a certifiable shopaholic ;-)

The day was overcast and cold but the sun peaked out for just a moment...
The first Thanksgiving dinner we went to was at my brother's house. I brought the appetizer... Pizza Dip.
The second Thanksgiving dinner we went to was at my in-law's house. I brought dessert... pumpkin pie (my mom's recipe).
By the time we got home this evening a light dusting of snow had fallen, the first of the season.

As usual, I ate too much. But everything was so good!

And now I have to tackle the sale ads to make my shopping list. Some of the malls around here will be opening at midnight for all-night sales. I won't be going to those. In fact, since I've already done some of my shopping I can probably sleep in till 4am or 5am.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day! See ya at the mall!