Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Blog for the Scientifically Challenged

Have you ever noticed how some people are math/science talented and others seem to excel more with verbal and written language skills? I happen to fall into the later category but I've always admired those from the other camp. And even more than that, I admire those who are talented in both arenas. There aren't many of those individuals out there, you know, the ones who understand the math/science really well and can explain/discuss it with their peers as well as with those of us who aren't comfortable with formulas and proofs. They make it understandable, make it make sense. Blaine Bettinger is one of those people.

Blaine writes about genetic genealogy. If you haven't read his blog, The Genetic Genealogist, you're missing out. He has a way of explaining the various facets of genetic genealogy in a way that I can understand it (at least most of the time ;-) . He can make that scientific stuff relevant to my genealogy research. I haven't had my DNA analyzed yet but I'm planning on it. I'm not intimidated by the idea any more. I've learned about a number of companies that offer the tests, the limits of what the results will indicate, and resources where I can look for more information... all from Blaine's blog. And if I get stuck along the way, I know I can post a question on his blog or send him an email and he will help me find my way.

I recommend you check out Blaine's blog if you are the least bit curious about genetic genealogy. You'll be surprised at how understandable it can be. (Take it from one who is scientifically challenged!)