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Carnival of Genealogy, 39th Edition

Welcome to the January 4, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition is New Year's Resolutions. With the new year of 2008 upon us it's a good time to create a research and/or recording plan for our family histories. I can tell you now that this group is not running short on ambition! Let's see what our group of genea-historians hope to accomplish this year. Pick up a mocha grande, or if your resolution includes losing weight perhaps a cup of green tea would be in order, and peruse these wonderful articles. Lots of inspiring ideas here!

Janet Iles presents Genealogy - personal research - looking back to 2007 and ahead to 2008 posted at Janet the researcher. Janet's post and thoughts are very well written and organized which should stand her in good stead for her resolutions for 2008. I especially appreciated the very last one... Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us Janet! Good luck!

Bill West shares his resolutions at West in New England: GENEALOGY RESOLUTIONS FOR 2008 posted at West in New England. Bill has a number of ambitious goals for himself including busting through the brick wall in front of John Cutter West. My favorite... the very last one! Thanks for sharing your resolutions Bill. Good luck!

Machione presents The Lives and Times... of Anthony McCune: A Thanksgiving Thought posted at The Lives and Times... of Anthony McCune, saying, "I have no specific posts on New Year Resolutions. This post certainly is in that I resolved to live the sort of life that brings life to these words." Here's an excellent article about life and looking forward but living for today. Thanks for sharing Anthony!

Chery Kinnick presents Go Gently, 2007 posted at Nordic Blue. Chery had a very successful 2007 with the publication of her book. Congrats on that Chery! She looks forward to yet another book and more genealogy research in 2008. Beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing your resolutions Chery! Good luck!

Randy Seaver shares with us his extremely very ambitious goals (preferring that to resolutions) in Genealogy Goals for 2008 posted at Genea-Musings. If anyone can accomplish this list Randy, it would be you. We'll be checking up on your progress daily on your Geneaholic blog! Thanks for sharing your genealogy and research directions with us! Good luck!

M. Diane Rogers shares her resolutions in 2008 - New Year's Resolutions - Carnival of Genealogy posted at CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt'. Ya gotta appreciate a genealogist who practices "anti-procrastination day"!!! Are there rules for that Diane? I know a few genealogists who just might want to join you... (starting with me!) Thanks so much for sharing the lovely poem and all your resolutions for 2008. Welcome to the COG family! Wishing you the best of luck!

Craig Manson presents his resolutions in My 2008 Goals posted at GeneaBlogie. Craig is so with it... he's recycling some of his previous resolutions! You get the "Green Award" for being an A1 steward of your genealogy environment Craig. You've set the new standard for the rest of us to follow. What is that environmental slogan... "Think globally, act locally". Yeah, that fits genealogy doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your ambitious resolutions with us Craig! Good luck!

Ruth Stephens presents My (Genealogy) New Year's Resolutions posted at Bluebonnet Country Genealogy Blog. I don't usually include excerpts in the COG but this little segment just called to me... I'm sure you all can relate! "I am easily distracted into following that very colorful and noisy little birdie way out onto a thin branch, rather than stay with the main flock at the bulk of the tree. I can lose days of research time chasing after that little creature, believe me!" Ruth has a wonderful way with words and I'm looking forward to reading more of her contributions to the COG (she saved her best resolution for last ;-) Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us Ruth! Good luck!

Janice Brown lets us in on her resolutions in 2008 New Year Resolutions: Feeling Like A King posted at Cow Hampshire. Once I stopped laughing, I could appreciate Janice's drive for success. Anyone who's on a mission to destroy their "Goody Two-Shoes" image has my attention ;-) But about that cursing... my dear Janice, must you go that far??? Really, it just doesn't suit a NH writer... sort of lowers you to the ranks of a Jersey Girl, if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing your likely very successful resolutions with us Janice! Good luck!

Jessica Oswalt presents Genealogy Resolutions for 2008 posted at Jessica's Genejournal. Jessica shares her resolutions which include some on-site research and ordering some documents and microfilms. It seems like a well balanced list that will provide her with some good research goals for filling her vacation and between-semester time. Thanks for sharing your resolutions Jessica! Good luck!

Terry Snyder presents My 2008 New Year's Resolution Desktop Genealogist - - Fremont, OH posted at Desktop Genealogist. Terry is not a big fan of resolutions but she has come up one that we can all learn from. "The truth is, if you scratch beyond the surface of a family genealogist you will find a lover of puzzles and mysteries. It is the nature of our addiction. Unlike a TV mystery that is solved in an hour, or a good mystery book that is solved at the end of 400 pages, there are no guarantees of success in genealogical mysteries. And it is this very difficulty that makes the success so sweet." Truer words were never spoken. I love the analogy, don't you? Terry has identified a puzzle (brick wall) that she will attempt to solve and she intends to take us along on her journey. I'm looking forward to the trip Terry! Thanks for sharing your research goal with us. Good luck!

Lori Thornton shares with us her research plan in I Resolve Not to Resolve posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. Lori is planning to combine an other-purpose trip and a research trip into one fantastic summer vacation in 2008. What a great idea! Check out her blog to learn more and while you're there you'll surely be impressed by her review of her accomplishments for 2007. She's indexed over 10,000 records for! Kudos and a round of applause goes out to you Lori!!! Thanks for sharing your accomplishments and your plan with us. Good luck!

OMcHodoy (aka Colleen) shares her resolutions in The Oracle of OMcHodoy: Carnival of Genealogy: Resolutions. posted at The Oracle of OMcHodoy. Colleen is getting back to basics in 2008 and has created a neat form, a "research goal sheet" that she plans to use to organize her research efforts. It's quite a good idea, check it out and see if you don't agree! Thanks for sharing your resolutions Colleen. Good luck!

Terry Thornton makes one new year's resolution and it's a dandy. Read about it in MISSISSIPPI: The FAT State: My attempt to become unfat posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. In his article, Terry speculates about the likelihood that he may have inherited the lard-hog gene. Hmmm. Blaine, do you want to weigh in on the likelihood of this genetic inheritance? It sounds like a job for The Genetic Genealogist! Thanks for sharing your resolution Terry! Good luck!

Thomas MacEntee gives me oh so much material to work with in the way of introducing his post, New Year's Resolutions - 2008 posted at Destination: Austin Family. His resolutions are lofty and many, with a good sprinkling of warmth and sincerity. From scanning photos to inspiring other bloggers, tackling previously unresearched lines of his family to participating in more carnivals... Thomas hopes to accomplish much in 2008. Here's hoping you can make all your resolutions come true Thomas! Thanks for sharing with us. Good luck!

Miriam Robbins Midkiff reviews, grades, and proposes her resolutions past, present, and future in My New Year's Genealogy Resolutions for 2008 posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. In addition to her resolutions, Miriam makes a strong case for why Janus (of Roman Mythology fame) "would make a wonderful god of genealogy". You've sold me, Miriam! I have to agree that Janus is an ideal candidate! Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us Miriam. Good luck!

John Newmark shares his goals in 2008 Genealogy Goals posted at Transylvanian Dutch. Among his other goals, John wants to learn to navigate the Polish vital records system. Fortunately, there are many good online resources as well as other bloggers who have been down this road before to help him out. My best advice (coming from years of experience) is to start now and be patient. It will take a good bit of time but while you're waiting, John, you can be working on your other resolutions (and writing for the COG ;-) ! Thanks for sharing your resolutions John. Good luck!

Jasia presents 2008 New Year's Resolutions posted at Creative Gene. I'm making it easy on myself with one very simple resolution. Well, OK. Maybe it isn't exactly simple... but I figure with only one resolution the odds are greater that I will achieve it. We'll see how I do!

Becky Wiseman presents The Two Faced Monster 2007-2008 posted at kinexxions. Becky looks back at what she accomplished in 2007 and sets some goals for herself for 2008. All very good goals... particularly the last one, LOL! Good luck with that one Becky! (I don't think that ever happens does it? ;-) Check out her list and I'll bet you'll relate to a lot of it. Thanks for sharing your goals Becky! Good luck!

Steve Danko shares his Resolutions for the New Year posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog. Steve will come away with some well earned credentials after his name at the end of the year if he stands by his new year's resolutions (I hope you won't forget your blogging buddies when you become "one of them" Steve... the "official" ones ;-) And here's hoping we see your name in print in 2008 too! Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us. Good luck!

Susan A. Kitchens presents Year out, year in posted at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools [News], saying, "Year out-- about the old year -- and year in, the year to come. I review the planned (and unplanned) accomplishments of the just passed year... and make (what I hope) is a realistic goal to approach the remaining items on last year's list. If you like my resolution, you can download it and print it out yourself." I couldn't have said it better!!! Thanks for sharing your resolution with us Susan! Good luck!

And last but not least, footnoteMaven shares with us her decision not to make a resolution in Resolute on Resolutions posted at footnoteMaven. fM has transcended ordinary new year resolution making, taking herself to a new level. She takes a philosophical view of things and designs a new approach borrowing from another blogger. Let us know if this one works for you fM. Maybe we'll climb aboard that transcendental train with you next time around! Thanks for sharing your non-resolution with us fM. Good luck!

That concludes this edition of the COG. Here's to all who contributed to the Carnival this time around. I wish you much luck with your new year resolutions!

And now it's time for the Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: Living-relative connections made during your research processes and/or blog. Who found you or how did you find them? Were they helpful or did they send you on a wild goose chase for further information? How much and what kind of information did they share with you? What did you share with them? What kinds of contacts have you had... in person, via phone, online chat, email, snail mail, web casts? (If you're not comfortable using their real names you might want to consider using pseudonyms.)

Special thanks to Colleen for suggesting this topic!

Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. The deadline for submissions is January 15th.
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