Monday, January 21, 2008

Kit On Order

I ordered my mtDNA test kit from DNA Heritage today. I received a confirmation email with an access code.
Using Oracle, you can see when your sample has been sent out, received back in the lab and sent for testing, as well as update your contact details. When your results are ready they are posted on your secure Oracle pages and we shall notify you via email.
In terms of the time frame, mtDNA tests take approximately 5 weeks to complete from the time they receive my DNA sample. So I think I'm looking at receiving my results in early March. That's a perfect time for me to write up my results as March is National Women's History Month. The mtDNA test will analyze my maternal line of ancestors and what better way to honor those women than with a blog post about their history? :-) It must be fate!

And speaking of NWHM, here's this year's poster from the web site, available today.