Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Things Are Happening at WSDPAHS

It's been a while since I've mentioned the West Side Detroit Polish American Historical Society. I do so now because I'd like to highlight a couple of the wonderful things this organization is doing.

To begin with, the WSDPAHS web site is looking very nice these days. Adam Lis, the webmaster, is doing a splendid job of putting fresh content on the site. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out. One of the things you'll find there that has me very excited are written transcripts of oral interviews.

The oral history project committee is chaired by Laurie A. Gomulka Palazzolo. Laurie has done an outstanding job of interviewing folks and recording their memories of the old west side neighborhood back when it was a vital and thriving Pol-Am community. There are three interviews available at present and Laurie has six more transcribed that will be added soon. And she has two more interviews scheduled! What a treasure trove of information this archive is becoming!

In addition to chairing the oral history project, Laurie puts out the organization's newsletter (electronically, via email in PDF format :-) . The latest edition (12 pages!) is her best yet. She covers a lot of ground with well written, interesting articles, and news of note. In it she reviewed previous WSDPAHS events so we know what we missed, included bios on members so we get to know them better, shared the organization's latest acquisitions from a recently closed Pol-Am parish, promoted the latest accomplishments of current members, listed upcoming events for the organization, and ended with tributes to recently deceased individuals who where active in the Pol-Am community. Very well done, Laurie. It's a pleasure to read!

The organization is planning a west side Pol-Am church tour for Saturday afternoon, April 5th. It sounds like a wonderful event and I will be posting more information about it here when the details are finalized.

I am pleased to be a member of the WSDPAH organization and I would encourage anyone with an interest in Detroit's Pol-Am community to join up.