Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Need Some Help With the Latin

While reviewing my 3rd great grandfather's marriage record entry, I decided to try once again to decipher the Latin phrases/abbreviations. I have a couple of different resources to look up Latin terms found in parish records but I'm not having any luck with these. I thought I'd ask if anyone out there can help me figure out the part I can't get. Here's the record, click it to view larger.

I've already improved the image as much as I can so this is as good as it gets :-7

Here's what I have so far... In the far left column, the year is 1829, the month is January, the day is the 24th. Next column, groom lived in house #35, bride in house #39. Third column; groom's name is Valentinius Piechowicz, filius (son of) and then the rest of this column I can't get. It looks like "den fuisnimli Paz Sviv." to me. What do you think? Can you figure out if I'm reading it wrong or if it's an abbreviation of something?

The next few columns tell me that Valentinius was Catholic, age 26, and married for the first time. Then we come to the bride.

Agnes Opiełonka, Casimirii Opieła, filia (daughter of) and then I'm lost again. It looks like "Dexe Pabls" to me. Does that ring a bell for anyone? After that I've got the bride's age, etc. and the names and occupations of the witnesses. I have the priest's name too I think... Ignatius Turzynski. Does that look right?

If you can give me any help with this I surely would appreciate it. My eyes are crossed from staring at it so long!