Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Looking for Help With MyHeritage.com

I hadn't been to the MyHeritage.com site for quite a while so I stopped by for a visit the other day. They've added some interesting new features since my last visit, one of which was the Look-alike Meter. It's one of the options you can select in their Face Recognition section.

Essentially what happens with the Look-alike Meter is you upload pictures of yourself and each of your parents. Then their face recognition program runs an analysis on the photos. When it's done, a meter pops up and tells you what percentage you look more like one of your parents than the other. Then you are given several options of which blog you'd like to post your meter on and if you'd like to save your meter.

Well, I got all excited and uploaded a bunch of photos and compared myself to my parents, each of my parents to their parents, myself to my grandparents, etc. I saved each meter intending to come back and review them to determine which one to put on my blog. The only problem is, I can't figure out how the heck to pull up my saved meters! I've been over and over that site, I've used their site search engine for help, and I've even written to their tech support for an explanation (it's been several days now so I'm thinking they've blown me off) but no luck. I figured out how to make my "album" private but I just can't figure out how to access it again.

In spite of the cool toys on the site I have to give it an "F", a failing grade. I certainly can't recommend a site that is so badly designed that I can't figure out how to retrieve the content that I've saved there. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. If so, I'll be happy to change my opinion of the site.

If anyone can help me figure how to pull up my saved content on that site I surely would appreciate it!