Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Results Are In!

I got it in my email this morning! I was notified by DNA Heritage that my mtDNA results were available for viewing online. Half awake and with eyes half open I skimmed over the summary of information. Hmmm. Letters, number sequences... too much to make sense of before a morning dose of caffeine.

I had breakfast, a quick shower and a Diet Coke and then looked at the results again. Hmmm. Maybe I'm going to need more than caffeine.

Maybe I'm going to need a book. Or something.

I see the sequences of numbers and letters and I want them to mean something, but they don't. They don't mean anything to me. But what do I know? Nothing. So I'm going to have to educate myself before I can tell you anything.

When I initially read over the "sample results" on the DNA Heritage web site I saw colorful maps with letters and numbers and arrows, lots and lots of arrows. I expected that when I got my results I'd just look for my halogroup letter on the map and it would show me how my ancestors got to Poland from wherever it was they came from.

Nope. No arrows for me. Hmmm.

This is going to take a little more investigation on my part to discover just what I have learned from my DNA test. Mind you, I'm not discouraged. I'm challenged!

The good news is that the test results came in much earlier than I'd anticipated. It only took 18 days from the time they received my test kit until they sent me my results. I was expecting it to take 5 weeks! That leaves me lots of time to do some research before I write it up for next month's National Women's History Month.

What? You didn't think I would spill the beans about what my halogroup is now, did you???