Monday, May 12, 2008

A Travelogue Through Poland, 1981

Those of you who follow my Creative Genealogy blog know that I have featured several digi-scrapping kits designed by Kyra of the With A Russian/Dutch Heart blog. Kyra lives in the Netherlands and has both Russian and Dutch ancestry. She is to date the only designer I know of who has created a digi-scrapping kit with a Polish theme which will forever endear her to me. However, it's not Kyra's design talents that I want to share with you today.

Kyra's family made friends with a Polish family many years ago (in the 1980s) when Poland was still under Soviet influence and East and West Germany were two separate countries. Traveling through these areas was difficult to say the least but her family managed it for the sake of friendship, a friendship that lasts to this day. Recently, Kyra shared on her blog what it was like traveling through those Iron Curtain countries and tells of her family's adventures with their friends in Poland. Her 13 part series is educational, emotional, funny, frustrating, and poignant. It's quite an interesting look at life in Poland back then. I highly recommend Kyra's series. Even if you have no family ties to Poland, I think you'll enjoy it.

It begins here.
Poland part 2
Poland part 3
Poland part 4
Poland part 5
Poland part 6
Poland part 7
Poland part 8
Poland part 9
Poland part 10
Poland part 11
Poland part 12
Poland, the final episode

If you do stop by Kyra's blog to read about her travel adventures, be sure and leave her a comment. She'll get a real kick out of hearing from her readership here in America!