Sunday, August 24, 2008

Congrats To All The Genea-Blogger Game Participants!

My congratulations to all the Genea-Blogger Games participants! You are all winners in my book. I have watched your accomplishments pile up over the last couple of weeks and I must say you've impressed me no end. Hat's off to you all for your great efforts and outstanding achievements!!!

I must admit I'm a bit envious of those of you who now have organized files, pre-written blog posts, and backed up data. I wish I had all that done! I can't even say that I've made any headway in writing my family history, but this post isn't about me. I'll get to that in another post. This post is about all my terrific friends and colleagues who have worked so diligently and competed so well in the Genea-Blogger Games. I'm sending out "atta-girls" and "atta-boys" to you all!

Congratulations on all you've accomplished!