Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking Care of Business

The wise and wonderful footnoteMaven first made us aware of back on August 11th. As I'm sure most of the other Genea-Bloggers did after reading her article, I went to the site to see if the Creative Gene blog was listed. It is :-) Thank you fM and thank you I'm always grateful for links to my blog. So when I got an email from Guy Kawasaki asking me to write about Alltop and display a badge I was willing to return the favor. Guy suggested that I might see traffic coming from since my blog was now listed there. That got me wondering about how much traffic I might have gotten from since I became aware that it was listed. I checked my Google Analytics account and discovered that from August 11-25 I received 6 visitors from that site. So I want to send a thank you out to those 6 visitors. Thank you for clicking on the Creative Gene blog link at

While I was checking out my traffic sources I noticed that I got even more referrals from some of my fellow Genea-bloggers. I'm not going to bother with the numbers from each, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following folks for linking to Creative Gene and sending a good bit of traffic my way (These aren't the only bloggers who link to Creative Gene, just those who sent me as much or more traffic than Alltop during this period). Shades of the Departed, The Educated Genealogist, What's Past is Prologue, Taylorstales-Genealogy, GeneaBlogie, Destination: Austin Family, Hill Country of Monroe County, History Carnivals Aggregator, Itawamba History Review, Randy's Musings/Genea-Musings, Genealogy Gifts Blog, Genealogy, Desktop Genealogist, and Vidars slektsblogg. I'd also like to send out a thank you to my friends at the Polish Art Center for linking to me. I really appreciate everyone who links to the Creative Gene blog from their blogs and web sites. You guys are the best!


Next up, my friend Schelly Talalay Dardashti has asked me to share some links with you regarding "JewishGen and Ancestry and the Chicago conference". I am happy to do so. Here are the links of interest...
Other conference posts can be found here:

If you can help to get the word out Schelly would appreciate it!


Last week I received an email from Claus von Zastrow alerting me to an interview he'd done with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the Harvard Professor and creator/narrator of the African American Lives documentaries on PBS. It's an interesting interview and if you haven't already read it I would encourage you to do so. Mr. Gates believes that researching one's family history as a part of the pubic school curriculum just may be the hook necessary to keep young African American students from dropping out of school. I'm not convinced that studying family history would be quite that magical for young people but I do think it would make studying history much more meaningful across the board for all students of all ethinic backgrounds. I for one would definitely like to see it made a regular part of public school education. What do you think?