Friday, August 08, 2008

This n That, Here n There

Looking back at the week I feel like I've made some real progress but also still have some loose ends hanging. First I'd like to take care of the loose ends.

I'm thrilled for all my genea-buddies who will be participating in the Genea-Blogger Group Games. You guys rock! I couldn't be more enthusiastic about what you all are doing if I was participating myself. And to be honest, if I'd known about the games before I started down the road of my writing project I probably would have postponed it just to join in the fun. But, well, I am where I am and I need to move forward. But I'll be cheering for you all and will be with you in spirit if not actually in the competition. (Just as well for you guys as I'd win all the platinum medals anyway ;-) I will definitely make a point of checking in on facebook to see how you're doing and cheer you on!!! (Finally found a good use for facebook!)

Next I'd like to thank Miriam at AnceStories and Wendy at All My Branches for sharing the BFF (Blogging Friends Forever) Award with me. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to jump on that one and share it with others but to be honest, I didn't know how to identify a blogger new to my blog who lived in another part of the world. I probably over-thought that one but for all of my thinking I couldn't come up with anyone. Anyway, thanks to you both for thinking of me and I'll definitely always think of you as my BFFs, so right back at 'ya ladies!

My progress this week came in the form of finding cousins. As I mentioned previously, I found a second cousin via my letter writing campaign (and his dad, my first cousin once removed). He in turn gave me the names and contact info for his sisters. I've contacted them both and was tickled to find them both willing to share family information. So now I have a couple new faces and lots of new names to add to the family tree. :-) I also learned that 2 others I wrote letters to were not the family members I suspected them to be. I'm still holding out hope that I will hear from the 4 other people I sent letters to. Cross your fingers for me!

The film I ordered from my local Family History Center came in so I'll be heading on over there next week to do a bit more research on my LIPA family. Will a little luck I'll actually start the writing by the end of next week!

I'll be tuning in to the Olympic games' opening ceremony tonight and checking in on the Genea-Blogger Games on facebook too. Have a great weekend everyone! Let the games begin! :-D