Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spotlight On Poland

CNN International will be spotlighting Poland next month. From October 6-11 they will have daily segments. From the CNN web site:

Daily Coverage

Monday Oct. 6 -- Poland: A New Era Begins: Find out why Poland is becoming more strategically important on the global stage and how it is preparing for its moment in the spotlight as co-host of the 2012 European soccer championships. Glimpse unexpected aspects of Polish life -- from the "fast and the furious" street racers of Lodz to the multinationals making Poland a manufacturing hub for some of world's leading brands.

Tuesday Oct. 7 -- Poland: Strategic Ties: What are Poland's international allegiances? What is the nation's strategic importance to the U.S.? How does it now define its relationship with neighboring Russia and interpret the historical legacy left by the influence of the former Soviet giant? How has the political game changed since its accession to the European Union and taking on an active role in NATO?

Wednesday Oct. 8 -- Poland: Booming Business: A look at Polish business as the zloty strengthens against the dollar, as Poles return to Poland in an improving home economy, and as Poland takes on the new role of an immigrant destination, this time for Indians and Ukrainians. We ask how Poland has brought about this changing business dynamic which now finds itself home to one of the world's fastest growing stock exchanges, and the ninth most attractive real estate market in the world.

Thursday Oct. 9 -- Poland: Springs to Life: CNN seeks out what defines Poland culturally: from the beauty spot of Sopot dubbed "the Pearl of the Baltic", to the vibrant music scene of its cities where Chopin meets Trance; to a booming brewery industry which will leave you thirsty for more.

Friday Oct. 10 -- Poland by the Poles: From the youth studying at Krakow University to the immigrant Poles living in Brooklyn -- New York's "Little Poland" -- we hear from Poles around the world. We also look at Poles who've made it on the international sports stage, and look at the "stag weekend" phenomenon that makes Poland a number one destination for Europe's exuberant revellers.

Saturday-Sunday Oct. 11-12: The programming culminates in a half-hour special -- "Eye on Poland: Country at the Crossroads."