Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Technology Tuesday

Let's see... it's been 5 weeks since I wrote my last Technology Tuesday post. I left off telling you that I'd gotten my scanner back from the service center but it was distorting images and would have to go back for repairs again. I got it back a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to say that it's working just fine now although it makes this funny noise like something is rattling around inside... :-7

And woe is me! My laptop died, again. It had the same problem as last time, the screen crashed and wouldn't restart. I took it back to Circuit City 3 weeks ago today and I'm still waiting to get it back. I'm guessing they had to replace the mother board yet again. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty. The laptop is just over a year old. It's a major pain in the dupa to be without it but at least the repairs aren't costing me anything. I think I understand why Circuit City has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy though. They must be losing customers left and right because their service is so lousy. I won't buy another computer from them after this experience with getting mine fixed. I know things break but taking over three weeks to repair a laptop is simply unacceptable. And who knows how much longer it will take... they haven't given me an estimate of when I can expect it back yet!

I'm obviously having a streak of bad luck with technology. I'm getting a little nervous about driving my car and using my phone. I don't even want to think about those things going kafluey!!!

Let's move on then. I haven't had a chance to tell you about the new Photoshop Elements 7.0 yet. I got my copy a few weeks ago from CostCo. Normally, I buy my software online from whoever has the lowest price. But this time I shopped specifically at CostCo online because I wanted the special edition CD packaged with Photoshop Elements, which is only available from CostCo. The CD is a collection of tutorials by Linda Sattgast, the guru of using Elements for scrapbooking. I've watched a number of her video tutorials in the past and found them very well done. So I was really looking forward to learning new tricks and tips from her.

The videos on the CD that comes with PSE 7.0 are as well done as any I've seen before. Unfortunately for me, most of them are intended for newbie PSE users. I was hoping they would be geared for scrapbooking, and a few of them are, but most are general use videos. If you're new to using PSE and the concept of working in layers, this CD is for you! If you already know PSE basics and are looking for scrapbooking tips and tutorials, you won't get much out of this CD. :-(