Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who's My #1000?

I think Randy worries that we Genea-Bloggers might not have a life outside of genealogy or blogging, and that we might get bored with the same ole, same ole... research, blog about it, research, blog about it. The urge to help out his fellow Genea-Blogger brethren seems to hit him on Saturday nights. That's when he comes up with something entertaining for us to do. Last evening he suggested we fire up our databases and see who the #1000 person is in them. Why? Just for something to do, and to write a blog post about.

I was actually busy watching a Charlie Brown movie on TV last night so I didn't find out about Randy's game until this morning. I'm not in the least bit bored this Sunday morning but I am procrastinating (I really need to clean the kitchen but I don't want to :-P ). So I'm going to jump into this game and tell you that the #1000 person in my database is:

Barbara Laska, born March 6, 1908 in Podborze, Poland and died August 17, 1909 in Podborze, Poland. She was my second cousin twice removed on my paternal grandfather's side of the family. I don't know anything about her so I'm afraid that's all I have to tell you.

OK then. I guess it's on to cleaning the kitchen. Sigh.

Oh wait! I didn't play last Saturday's game yet! I don't think Randy put a play-by date on the game so here goes. Here's the 5th sentence on p.56 of the book closest to me:

"How about a drink?"

This line is from the book I'm currently reading, Hot Mahogany, a Stone Barrington Novel, by Stuart Woods.

And with that I'd better head on into the kitchen. It's time to get it cleaned up and start on dinner... roast turkey and all the trimmings! The forecast is for snow later today and overnight so a nice hot turkey dinner should go very nicely. (No, I never get tired of turkey :-)

Oh, and feel free to play Randy's game if you too feel like procrastinating!