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Carnival of Genealogy, 63rd Edition

Welcome to the January 4, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic for this edition is: New Year's Resolutions! A new year is a good time for new goals and a resolve to work toward them. Check out the resolutions made by our Genea-Bloggers and see if you don't come up with some good ideas for your own genealogy research. You'll certainly find lots of inspiration here! The holidays are over now and we have a long winter ahead of us. There's no better time to get some serious research, organization, and writing done. Pull out your favorite coffee mug and fill it to the brim with a good hot cup o' joe. Might as well eat up that last piece of fruitcake or candy cane pie too. The carnival is in town!

Becky Jamison presents Grace and Glory: My 3 New Year's Resolutions posted at Grace and Glory, saying, "I made 3 resolutions for 2009 that will give my genealogy research a "jump start" in 2009."

Bill West presents SEVEN RESOLUTIUONS posted at West in New England, saying, "I took a look back at my resolutions for 2008 and hope I can do better with the ones for next year!"

Elyse presents My New Years Resolutions posted at Elyse's Genealogy Blog, saying, "In my blog, I describe my 5 New Years resolutions. The center of these resolutions is to make my genealogy as complete and sourced as possible while also sharing with you guys the best tips that I can find!"

Tim Agazio presents 2009 New Years Genealogy Resolutions posted at Genealogy Reviews Online.

Amanda Erickson presents Plans for the New Year posted at Random Ramblings, saying, "My plans to finish two books in the works and to finally get around to interviewing my grandfather about his life and family."

Randy Seaver presents Genealogy Goals for 2009 posted at Genea-Musings, saying, "I set goals and objectives, not make resolutions... so here are mine for Genealogy Research, Education, Society Support and Writing. Now, if I could just remember to check them every month or so, I might get better grades at year-end."

M. Diane Rogers presents New Year's Resolutions! Carnival of Genealogy - 63rd Edition posted at CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt', saying, "M. Diane Rogers' resolutions for this year are similar to those for 2008, but since time may be tight, she'll be making her plans clearer and also greener. She's resolving to have fun too - what could a photobooth have to do with it all?"

Jessica Oswalt presents My Genealogy and Blogging Resolutions For 2009 posted at Jessica's Genejournal, saying, "My lists for my genealogy and blogging resolutions."

Wendy Littrell presents I Resolve To . . . posted at All My Branches Genealogy, saying, "For someone who is at best - organized in the midst of chaos - and at worst - a procrastinator - here's hoping that this list of resolutions will keep me focused on genealogy and blogging priorities!"

Apple presents Apple's Tree: Wishes and Dreams for 2009 posted at Apple's Tree, saying, "No resolutions for me this year, instead I have wishes and dreams. I expect 2009 to be another very productive year and I look forward to seeing where the twists and turns will take me!"

Cherie Atkinson Clark presents Resolutions posted at Still Digging for Roots, saying, "5 jobs I've been putting off!"

Sheri Fenley presents New Year's Resolutions posted at The Educated Genealogist.

Brenda presents Resolutions? posted at Brenda Dougall Merriman.

Becky Wiseman presents A Little Over-Optimistic? Perhaps. posted at kinexxions, saying, "Optimism is a good thing, right? After reviewing my goals for 2008 and seeing what has and hasn't been done, I'd say I need more than a little optimism!"

GrannyPam presents New Year's Resolutions! posted at Granny's Genealogy, saying, "Imagine my excitement when I realized that there was no way out of the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy:" LOL! Good one, Pam!

Linda Stienstra presents I hereby Resolve that I will. . . . posted at From Axer to Ziegler, saying, "Hopefully I'll get through my first resolution, because I really want to complete my second resolution. I have to do these in order, otherwise I'll NEVER finish number one! (Number two would be my reward!)"

Geniaus presents Carnival of Genealogy - 63rd Edition New Year's Resolutions! posted at Geniaus.

footnoteMaven presents I Do Solemly Resolve To . . . posted at footnoteMaven, saying, "As the new year begins, I look into the future and make what I will call "Year-Long Aspirations of Good Intentions.""

David presents 2009 New Years Genealogy Resolutions posted at Family History Tracing.

Donna presents New Year's Genealogy Resolutions posted at What's Past is Prologue, saying, "Resolutions always seem to involve hard work, and genealogical resolutions are no different. But research is fun, right? Read about Donna Pointkouski's genealogy goals for 2009 in New Year's Genealogy Resolutions."

Janet Iles presents Resolutions 2009 - How will I do? Check back in 365 days posted at Janet the researcher, saying, "Janet's list is shorter this year because she has other projects on the go. Check back in 365 days to see how she did in 2009."

Melody Lassalle presents My Genealogy New Year?s Resolutions posted at The Research Journal.

LOOKING4ANCESTORS presents The Pressure of New Year's Resolutions posted at LOOKING4ANCESTORS, saying, "Although Kathryn hates New Year's Resolutions, she does share with us some of her plans for 2009. In fact, she has completed one already. Her blog LOOKING4ANCESTORS is now at its new location."

Sue Edminster presents Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions posted at Echo Hill Ancestors Weblog.

Julie Cahill Tarr presents GenBlog: I resolve to... posted at GenBlog, saying, "Julie takes a serious look at genealogy in her post I resolve to... over at GenBlog."

Terry Thornton presents NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: 2009 posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, saying, "I'm in a state of being resolute and it is with firm determination that I publish these as my acts of things I resolve to do -- they are a course of action upon which I have decided and I have issued this formal statement as my adoption of such. Now, Jasia, do I have any "wiggle room" left? HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Happy New Year, Terry! I don't think you'll be doing any wiggling after that declaration!!!

Carole Riley presents New Year?s Resolutions for 2009 posted at Carole's Canvas.

Lori Thornton presents My 2009 Genealogy To-Do List posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian, saying, "Since I don't do resolutions, here's my "to do" list!"

Amy Coffin presents COG 63: New Year's Genealogy Resolutions posted at We Tree, saying, "Ya gotta love a resolution list that doesn't mention DIET or WEIGHT LOSS anywhere! These are my genealogy goals for a great 2009!"

Paula Moore presents Genealogy New Year's Resolutions posted at

Donna M. Moughty presents New Year Resolutions posted at Donna's Genealogy Blog, saying, "I write a weekly blog on genealogical topics, primarily, methodology, technology and Irish research."

Thomas MacEntee presents Destination: Austin Family: New Years Resolutions for 2009 posted at Destination: Austin Family, saying, "New Year's Resolutions 2009 - we have the technology, we have the power, will Thomas succeed this year? Will he have any regrets come June or July? Will he make it to the finish line? Stay tuned."

Greta Koehl presents My New Year’s Genealogy Research and Blogging Resolutions posted at Greta's Genealogy Bog. This is Greta's first time participating in the COG and she's done a great job of it! Head on over and say, "howdy!". Thanks for joining us, Greta!

Myrt presents 2009: Be ALL that you can be posted at DearMYRTLE, your friend in genealogy, saying, "The follow up article has a link in this blog entry." Thanks, Myrt! You won't want to miss this article if organization is on your list of resolutions!!!

Kathy Brady-Blake presents New Year’s Resolutions posted at Kathy's Genealogy Blog, saying, "A few resolutions to help me stay on track with my research in 2009."

OMcHodoy presents The Oracle of OMcHodoy: It's That Time of Year Again posted at The Oracle of OMcHodoy, saying, "A sad testimony to last year's "efforts" with a glimmer of hope for this year's!"

Steve Danko presents Genealogical Resolutions for 2009 posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog, saying, "Steve's resolutions for the New Year include earning a PLCGS, completing the requirements for certification as a CG, improving participation in the Surname Projects he began in 2008, visiting Poland, and entering better source citations."

Jasia presents 2009 New Year's Resolutions posted at Creative Gene. My resolutions include changes for the COG... find out what will change in '09! Would you like to host the COG?

Dru Pair presents 2009 Genealogy Goals posted at Find Your Folks, saying, "Dru Pair reflects on progress made towards achieving 2008 genealogy goals and lists new goals for 2009."

Miriam Robbins Midkiff presents Resolutions posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors, saying, "I look back at my 2008 resolutions and evaluate them, then look forward to my goals of 2009, some of which involve the participation of other Genea-Bloggers. Stay tuned!"

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. We're an ambitious bunch, aren't we? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear the sounds of all those brick walls as they come tumbling down, as well as the tapping of keys on the keyboards as family histories get written. All this will be done on clean desks with organized files and scanned photos of course! Bring on 2009! We're ready! (Or resolved, anyway ;-)

And now it's time for a Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: A Winter Photo Essay. Show us those wintertime photo(s) of your ancestors or family members and tell us the story that goes along with them. Winter is here! Let's record it and celebrate it! The deadline for submissions is January 15th.

You can submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. Please use a descriptive phrase in the title of any articles you plan to submit and/or write a brief description/introduction to your articles in the "comment" box of the blogcarnival submission form. This will give readers an idea of what you've written about and hopefully interest them in clicking on your link. Thank you!

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