Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jasia's Wish List for Genea-Santa

Dear Genea-Santa,

So how's it going up at the ole North Pole? Are you feeling the effects of global warming up there? Have you gotten your H1N1 vaccine yet? Are the reindeer all ready for the big trip on Christmas Eve?

I know you have a lot on your mind at this time of year so I'm going to make things as easy as I can for you. No need to bother the elves with yet another toy to make. Here's my wish list, just a few things that should be easy for you to deal with.

  • Time, passion, and energy to write up my family history.
  • A record of my maternal grandmother's birth.
  • A photo of my great grandfather, Szymon Lipa.
  • A photo of my great grandparents, Krzysztof Laska and Karolina Furman.
  • A photo of my great grandparents Wojciech Lisowski and Jozefa Adamska.

That's it! I'm sure these things all exist somewhere so it should just be a matter of locating them and having them find their way into my hands. I know, I know, I'm wishing for a lot of photos. But I'm good friends with footnoteMaven, the ultimate photo collector, so that should give me an in don't you think? She probably has these pictures in her collection already but doesn't know it. If you could just put labels on those orphan pictures of hers I'm sure we'll find the photos on my wish list among them. You've done so well, Santa, with my previous wish lists. I know you'll come through for me once again. I've been oh so good Santa!

I'm looking forward to your Christmas Eve visit and hoping I'll have good news to share here on my blog afterward. Just think what a hit you'll be with the genea-crowd when you make all our wishes come true! :-)

Merry Christmas from your biggest fan,