Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Polish Catholic Churches of Detroit, St. Louis the King

St. Louis the King Catholic Church, Detroit

Address: 18891 St. Louis, Detroit, MI 48234
Phone: (313) 891-1766
Facebook: St. Louis the King Grade School Detroit
Current Parish Status: Active
School in Operation: No
First Year Parish Founded: 1923
Year Current Church was Built: 1959
First Pastor: Rev. Fr. Bernard Jarzembowski
Pastor in 1985: Rev. Fr. Michael Ratajczak
Current Pastor (2010): Rev. Boleslaus Krol
Mass Schedule in 1985: Saturday 4:30pm (English); Sunday 9:00am (English), 11:00am (Polish Mass with English Homily)
Current Mass Schedule (2010): Saturday 4:00pm; Sunday 9:30am, 11:00am (Polish); Tuesday 9:00am; Thursday 9:00am (Polish)
No. of Families in Parish in 1985: 800
Percentage of Polish Descent in 1985: 80%
Considered as a Polish Ethnic Parish: "Traditionally, but we are trying to change that image" - that was the reply given back in 1985. Evidently that image hasn't changed much because in 2010 there is still a Pastor of Polish descent and Polish Masses being said on a regular basis.
Polish Religious Traditions Preserved: "Some, if they are in accord with liturgical directives that have come to us since Vatican II."
Location: East side

The elementary school is now closed but back in 1985 it had 190 students enrolled and was run by the Felician Sisters.

This information was provided by the pastor (Rev. Ratajczak) of the parish in 1985. The parish was attempting to involve numerous ethnic groups in its operations.

For more information, visit the Archdiocese of Detroit web site.

The Silver Jubilee book, 1923-1948 has been cataloged and is searchable on the PGSA web site.

There is a very nice history of the parish written in the Golden Jubilee book, 1923-1973.

Some information from, "The Polish Roman Catholic Churches of Metropolitan Detroit" by PERC. c. 1985. Used with permission from Michael Krolewski, editor.